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Awards for Excellence - 2017

Outstanding Papers

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International Journal of Health Governance


Volume 21 number 3
Antimicrobial stewardship through a one health lens
Marisa Anne D'Angeli, Joe B. Baker, Douglas R. Call, Margaret A. Davis, Kelly J. Kauber, Uma Malhotra, Gregory T. Matsuura, Dale A. Moore, Chris Porter, Paul Pottinger, Virginia Stockwell, Carol Wagner, Ron Wohrle, Jonathan Yoder, Leah Hampson Yoke, Peter

Highly commended

Volume 21 number 4
Governance for health in the Anthropocene
Trevor Hancock, Anthony G. Capon, Uta Dietrich, Rebecca Anne Patrick

Volume 21 number 1
The patient's voice in health and social care professional education
Angela Towle, Christine Farrell, Martha E Gaines, William Godolphin, Gabrielle John, Cathy Kline, Beth Lown, Penny Morris, Jools Symons, Jill Thistlet

Volume 21 number 4
Transforming First Nations' health governance in British Columbia
John O'Neil, Joe Gallagher, Lloy Wylie, Brittany Bingham, Josee Lavoie, Danielle Alcock, Harmony Johnson