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Awards for Excellence - 2017

Outstanding Papers

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Strategy & Leadership


Volume 44 issue 2
Jeffrey Pfeffer: stop selling leadership malarkey
Brian Leavy

Volume 44 issue 6
Understanding the three laws of Agile
Stephen Denning

Highly commended

Volume 44 issue 1
Effective leadership today - character not just competence
Brian Leavy

Volume 44 issue 2
Christensen updates disruption theory
Stephen Denning

Volume 44 issue 6
How strategy execution maps guided Cisco System's Sales Incentive Compensation plan
Sayan Chatterjee, Venkat Narayanan, William Malek

Volume 44 issue 1
Integrating experiences into your business model: five approaches
B. Joseph Pine II, James Gilmore

Outstanding reviewers

Dave Rader
Robert J. Allio