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Awards for Excellence - 2017

Outstanding Papers

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Sensor Review

Jack Hollingum Award
Named after Jack Hollingum, who was one of the founding editors of Sensor Review as well as of our sister journals Assembly Automation and Industrial Robot. Over the years he wrote countless articles and remained a regular contributor right up to having a stroke in April 2001.


Volume 36 number 2
Food quality and safety monitoring using gas sensor array in intelligent packaging
Samaneh Matindoust, Majid Baghaei-Nejad, Mohammad Hadi Shahrokh Abadi, Zhuo Zou, Li-Rong Zheng

Highly commended

Volume 36 number 2
Graphene film development on flexible substrate using a new technique: temperature dependency of gauge factor for graphene-based strain sensors
Sahour Sayed, Mohammed Gamil, Ahmed Fath El-Bab, Koichi Nakamura, Toshiyuki Tsuchiya, Osamu Tabata, Ahmed Abd El-Moneim

Volume 36 number 3
Novel printed body worn sensor for measuring the human movement orientation
Mohammad Iman Mokhlespour Esfahani, Somaye Taghinezhad, Vahid Mottaghitalab, Roya Narimani, Mohammad Parnianpour

Volume 36 number 1
A kind of infrared expand depth of field vision sensor in low-visibility road condition for safety-driving
Hui-Feng Wang, Gui-ping Wang, Xiao-Yan Wang, Chi Ruan, Shi-qin Chen

Outstanding reviewers