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Outstanding Special Issue Awards 2012

Awards for Excellence

Outstanding Special Issue Award

We recognize the very distinct contribution made by special issues to our journals and the database by making an annual award to the Guest Editor(s) of the outstanding special issue of the year. It is a way of recognizing and rewarding the very real contribution made by the Guest Editors and of acknowledging the added value brought to the journals through their hard work and expertise. Most of these guest editors undertake the full role of the "Editor" for that particular issue and most do not receive any monetary reward.

• collaborate with the editor on the subject of the special issue using their own specialist subject knowledge and interest
• identify and define the subject scope of the special issue
• use their own networks to commission papers or arrange calls for papers to attract the authors to write for the issue
• manage the peer review process and reviewers and liaise with the authors for revisions if needed
• collate the issue for the Editor/Managing Editor
• write a guest editorial for the journal - these are often extensive essays which draw together the component papers and provide an overview of the topic

What makes an outstanding special issue?

The criteria, by which we select and chose our winning special issues, are varied but we believe sensible, fair, and demonstrable and can be applied in all subject fields and to all journals:

• internationality in content and/or authorship
• leading edge content and originality
• broad subject interest appeal
• a consistency in the papers either through a commonality of approach or theme or their comparative nature
• the authors of the papers are some of the active and respected figures in the field
• a well written guest editorial which exhibits real understanding of the value and import of the issue, and above all
• guest editor(s) who put a lot into the work involved in the commissioning and production of the special issue

The winners for 2012

Emerald is particularly pleased and proud to announce the Outstanding Special Issue Awards for 2012.


Climate change, green house gas accounting, auditing and accountability
Guest editors:Markus J. Milne and Suzana Grubnic
Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal Vol 24 No 8, 2011

"This special issue of AAA journal had its origins at the University of Canterbury, at the Eighth Australasian Conference on Social and Environmental Accounting Research (CSEAR) held in Christchurch, New Zealand, which encouraged submission of a broad scope of papers tied to “GHG measurement, management and sense-making”.

However, during their preparation of this special issue, the editors suffered a traumatic 18 months due to the major Christchurch earthquakes, which have occasioned massive devastation to their city of location and have generated over 7,000 aftershocks in the months following. The University of Canterbury academic offices are still closed, the university internet in difficulties, and original files are still inaccessible in condemned buildings. As well Markus and other of his Canterbury university colleagues have had to find alternative accommodation.

The 12 research papers accepted (from over 40 submitted) highlights how accounting for carbon and other GHG emissions is immensely challenging because of uncertainties in estimation methods. The research also shows the enormity of the challenge associated with reducing those emissions in the near future.
Also the early signs are there that the introduction and a number of the papers will make it into our AAAJ top ten downloads as it includes other academics, policy makers and professional associations in researching the complexity around Climate change, greenhouse gas accounting, auditing and accountability.
This has been a job well done under extraordinarily difficult circumstances to deliver a set of AAAJ special papers that will mark the way forward for researcher on Climate change, greenhouse gas accounting, auditing and accountability." (James Guthrie and Lee Parker, AAAJ Editors)

Highly commended:

International Market Selection and Segmentation, two part issue
Guest editors: Nicolas Papadopoulos and Oscar Martín Martín
International Marketing Review, Vol 28 No 2 and 3, 2011

“Double special issue featuring some massive names on a huge topic in IB. Cemented IMR’s position as a top journal and has already has 14 citations this year since publication.” (Martyn Lawrence)