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Engineering Podcasts

Clive Loughlin presents new content from Emerald's
key engineering titles

Welcome to Emerald's Engineering Podcasts

Image: Clive Loughlin.These podcasts are brought to you by Clive Loughlin, Former Editor-in-Chief of Emerald's journals Industrial Robot and Sensor Review.

In 1980 Clive founded Electronic Automation Ltd.; the first UK machine vision company and a pioneer of eye-in-hand robot vision which was later acquired by Marconi. He then worked for Slingsby Engineering, manufacturers of unmanned submersible vehicles (ROVs) on the design of teleoperated robot manipulators and also tracking systems for sub-sea telecommunication cables.

During this time he made numerous contributions to the journals that he now edits before becoming Features Editor of Sensor Review in 1989 and then subsequently Editor-in-Chief of Sensor Review and Industrial Robot.

Latest Engineering Podcasts

Image: Industrial Robot.

Icon: Headphones. PLAY AUDIO: Industrial Robot Volume 42 Issue 2

For our regular Commercial Interview Associate Editor, Joanne Pransky interviews Dr Esben Osetrgaard who is the founder and CTO of Universal Robot who currently have over 3,000 advanced collaborative robots working alongside people in industrial applications.

Associate Editor Robert Bogue makes a detailed review of the world of miniature and microrobots including swarm robotics, flying robots and the emerging world of nanorobots, with prospects for healthcare and cancer treatment. Contributions from the academic research community include training robots to walk over complex terrain, welding, micro manipulation, and the fabrication of research robots using rapid prototyping technology.

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Image: Industrial Robot.

Icon: Headphones. PLAY AUDIO: Industrial Robot Volume 42 Issue 1

In this issue Joanne Pransky interviews Dr Rodney Brooks of Rethink Robotics, while Associate Editor Robert Bogue provides a detailed survey of the highly topical field of robotic exoskeletons.

Hot research topics include: mobile assembly robots for pump manufacturer Grundfos, advanced robot calibration techniques for medical robots, travelling-wave propulsion systems, eye-in-hand trajectory control, robotic rehabilitation of hands and upper limbs, welding of large diameter pipes, and robot drivers for testing automotive vehicles.

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Image: Sensor Review.

Icon: Headphones. PLAY AUDIO: Sensor Review Volume 35 Issue 1

In Volume 35 issue 1 of Sensor Review we have a bumper issue with 15 contributions. Our Associate Editor Robert Bogue reviews the newly emerging technology for powering sensors using energy harvesting, and Associate Editor Richard Bloss discusses how sensors are being used in the rapidly growing field of unmanned vehicles.

From the academic research community we have additional contributions on energy harvesting as well as medical sensors based on inkjet printing and the detection of weak signals from biosensors. We also cover water pollution monitoring and the detection and location of underground explosions.

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Clive Loughlin.

Clive Loughlin introduces
Sensor Review

Clive Loughlin.

Clive Loughlin introduces
Industrial Robot