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Emerald welcomes book proposals in our key areas including:

Business HRM
Corporate Governance International Relations
Criminology Leadership
Cultural Studies Marketing
Development Studies Media & Communication Studies
Economics Political Science
Education Public Policy
Entrepreneurship Sociology
Environment Studies Social Policy
Finance Transport
Geography Strategy
Health and Social Care Urban Studies

Here you will find information on how to prepare and submit a book proposal, and details of the Commissioning Editors you can contact.

Key considerations for proposing authors/editors

Publishing your book

Image: Publish your book.As an independent publisher, our authors and their research are our number one priority. Offering a personal and supportive approach, our experienced and knowledgeable books team are committed to publishing cutting-edge research of the highest quality for a global audience.

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Sales and marketing of your book

Image: Sales and marketing of your book.Our authors and their research are our number one priority.

We want to ensure maximum reach and impact for your book globally.

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  • What is your rationale for publication?
  • Is there a gap in the current book/series market?
  • Will the publication have international applicability and reach?
  • What is the proposed editorial scope and coverage of the book/series?
  • What are the key themes that the book/series will cover?
  • What will make it stand out from the competition?
  • What are the proposed book/series' unique selling points?
  • If you are proposing an edited book or series, how will you attract submissions to the proposed publication?
  • Who will be the book/series' target audience, both in terms of authors and users?
  • What is the composition of the research field, in terms of number of researchers and geography?
  • Where and how can the book/series be effectively promoted?

Writing a book proposal

Are you thinking of writing a book? Books are as much a part of scholarly communication as journal articles – whereas the latter are usually a write-up of a particular piece of research, a book provides the opportunity to go into a subject in a lot more depth, drawing on the research of others as well as your own.

Find out more in our special guide to writing a book proposal.

Please submit your proposal using the following documents:

Commissioning editors

For further assistance you may want to contact our commissioning editors:

Image: Pete Baker.
Editorial Director: Business, Management, Finance and Economics
Pete Baker

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Image: Philippa Grand.
Editorial Director: Sociology, Criminology and Social Policy
Philippa Grand

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Image: Charlotte Maiorana.
Accounting, Finance, Economics, Information & Knowledge Management/Innovation
Charlotte Maiorana

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Image: Kimberley Chadwick.
Education and Politics
Kimberley Chadwick

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Image: Jenny McCall.
Geography, Environmental Studies, Health & Social Care, Media & Communication Studies, Urban Studies
Jenny McCall

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Image: Emma Stevenson.
Business and Management, Tourism and Hospitality, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, International Business and Strategy
Emma Stevenson

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What will happen to your proposal once submitted?

When completed, please e-mail your proposal to the matching subject area team member listed above.

Emerald's team of experienced Commissioning Editors have deep subject, product and market knowledge, providing invaluable guidance and support throughout the publishing process. All of our titles are rigorously peer-reviewed.