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Series cover: Research Methodology in Strategy and Management

Research Methodology in Strategy and Management

ISSN: 1479-8387

Editor: Brian Boyd, T. Russell Crook, Jane Lê and Anne Smith
Subject: Strategy (view other series in this subject area)Thomson Reuters Book Citation Index logo. Scopus logo.
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Editorial Objectives
Key Benefits
Key Audiences
The Editors
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Editorial Objectives

The mission of this book series is to offer a forum for critique, commentary, and discussion about key methodological issues in the strategy and management fields, with a critical focus on providing actionable and practical suggestions that solve important problems researchers face. Strategy and management rely on an array of complex exploratory and confirmatory methods drawn from various allied disciplines. Both fields examine how managers and other organizational members undertake efforts to make organizations successful. The fields are undergoing a rapid transformation, driven by and driving methodological innovation. Researchers thus face many new challenges in conducting rigorous research and understanding the implications that are associated with their research choices. The Research Methodology in Strategy and Management book series seeks to develop resources that address practical research challenges that strategy and management scholars face now and into the future. The series is designed to provide methodological contributions that advance the fields through best practices regarding the design and implementation of methodologies. We welcome papers with micro and macro levels of analysis, confirmatory and exploratory research designs, quantitative and qualitative data, and positivistic, interpretive, and post-modern orientations. 


Research methods present the strategic management field with great opportunities and challenges; Each volume of Research Methodology in Strategy and Management aims to explore key opportunities and meet critical challenges. The work presented in this series addresses significant and timely methodological topics and strives to move the field toward improved use of method and hence, theory that enhances understanding of strategy and management. This resource showcases recent research by some of the field’s most respected scholars alongside exciting, innovative approaches by emerging scholars. This series thus represents the cutting edge of research methods in strategy and management, with the explicit aim of challenging, developing and transforming methods to advance the fields.designs, quantitative and qualitative data, and positivistic, interpretive, and post-modern orientations.

Key Benefits

Research Methodology in Strategy and Management is a premier methods resource for scholars looking for up-to-date critique, commentary and practical guides on methods in the strategy and management fields. The series is instrumental in initiating and guiding important conversations about how research methodologies are conducted in strategy and management with a focus on solving practical challenges that researchers face. In each volume, diverse authors draw upon their deep and rich methodological experiences to address important and timely challenges in strategy and management, thereby improving the application of research methods in strategy and management.

Key Audiences

The series is an invaluable resource for quality, peer reviewed research. Renowned and emerging scholars, all highly accomplished methodologists, contribute chapters in their areas of methodological expertise. This international and eminently accessible series provides an important reference and inspiration for researchers worldwide. Individual papers are key methodological resources in their own right, widely applied and cited within the fields of strategy and management, and extensively used in methods training.


Collectively, the articles that make up this series offer state-of-the-art thinking about research methodology provided by intellectual leaders, both established and emerging, within the strategy and management fields. These high-quality contributions advance the fields by:

  • addressing broad issues of science, including the state of strategy and management research, and how to build cumulative knowledge a particular area of the field.
  • describing how researchers can better use particular methods, such as social network analysis, structural equation modelling, meta-analysis, sociomaterial analysis, grounded theory, ethnography, and various other approaches.
  • examining key ontological and epistemological issues in the strategy and management fields, including the relationship between theory and method, the human side of research methods, and practical research challenges.
  • outlining challenges and opportunities inherent in particular content areas, including, for instance, resource-based theory, strategy-as-practice, critical management studies, TMT research, mergers and acquisitions, and interorganizational strategy.
  • highlighting ways to improve specific methodological practices relating to research design, data collection, analytic techniques, and the presentation of analysis.

The Editors

Brian Boyd ( is Chair Professor and Head of Management of the City University of Hong Kong College of Business.  HE has served three terms as Associate Editor at Organizational Research Methods, and has held multiple leadership roles in Methods groups at both the Academy of Management and Strategic Management Society.  He has been guest editor of a half dozen special issues at various journals, and has served on many editorial boards, including AMJ, AMD, JOM, JMS, and SMJ.

Russell Crook ( is a Professor of Management in the Haslam College of Business at The University of Tennessee. He holds a Ph.D. in Strategic Management from Florida State University, and he has published over 30 papers, including research methods and topics related to why some firms perform better than others. Russell is on the editorial board of the Journal of Management and an Associate Editor at the Journal of Supply Chain Management.

Jane K. Lê ( earned her Ph.D. from the Aston Business School and is currently an Associate Professor in Work and Organisational Studies at the University of Sydney. She studies organizational practices and processes in complex, dynamic, and pluralistic organizations. Jane is particularly interested in understanding how people in organizations balance multiple competing demands. She has published her work in journals such as Organization Science, Organization Studies, Strategic Organization, the British Journal of Management, and the International Journal of Human Resource Management. Jane is passionate about qualitative research and qualitative research methods and is currently serving on the editorial board of Organizational Research Methods and Organization Studies.

Anne Smith ( (B.S., McIntire School of Commerce, U Virginia; MBA, Ph.D., UNC-Chapel Hill) is the King and Judy Rogers Professor in Business and Head of Management Department, University of Tennessee Knoxville. Her field research is focused on strategy-making processes, which has been published in leading management and organization journals such as Organization Science, Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice, Journal of Operations Management, and other academic journals. She has published several articles in Organizational Research Methods where she is currently an Associate Editor.  

Contact the Editorial Team

Series Editors

Brian Boyd
City University, Hong Kong

T. Russell Crook
University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA

Jane Lê
University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia

Anne D. Smith
University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA

Emma Stevenson


“This book is a must read for doctoral students in strategy and management and seasoned researchers alike.”
Professor Charles Dhanaraj, Academy of Management Review, Volume 31.2

“Given that strategic management methods usage is trending toward more complex data-analytic techniques, but few methodological resources are targeted to strategic management researchers, this book series appears to be quite timely.”
Professor Christopher L. Shook, Organizational Research Methods, Volume 11.4
“Each chapter, written by experts in the field, presents cutting-edge insights on their chosen topic and encourages the reader to think beyond the issues addressed. The contents of these chapters are stimulating, engaging, and thought provoking, written in a style that is well crafted and easy to understand.”
Professor Robert P. Wright, Organizational Research Methods, Volume 11.4

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Research Methodology in Strategy and Management

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