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Transport eBook Collection

Emerald's Transport eBook Collection provides access to high quality, international research through 47 Emerald book titles, previously only available in print.

The collection spans a wide range of transport related disciplines, including modes of transport, transport safety, systems, logistics, transport planning and the environment. With several titles featured in the Books Citation Index, and contributions from leading experts in their field, this collection provides an essential resource for universities, government ministries, research centres and other organizations focusing on transportation.

Example key titles

Image: Handbooks in Transport.Handbooks in Transport
Published from 2005

Comprising specially commissioned chapters from world experts on their topics, this book set encapsulates the essential knowledge of a major area within transportation.

"Edited by two of the leading figures in transportation research and dissemination, these handbooks are likely to become the essential reference work in the field."

– Dr John Preston, University of Oxford.

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Image: The Handbook of Road Safety Measures.The Handbook of Road Safety Measures, Second Edition
Published October 2009

The second edition of the Handbook of Road Safety Measures (previously published in 2004) gives state-of-the-art summaries of current knowledge regarding the effects of 128 road safety measures.

With many original chapters revised and several new ones added, extra topics covered in this edition include: post-accident care; DUI legislation and enforcement; environmental zones; and speed cameras.

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Image: Maritime Logistics: Contemporary Issues.Maritime Logistics: Contemporary Issues
Published: January 2012

This reference book adopts the innovative approach of dealing with the overlap between shipping, ports and logistics and covers current issues having a significant impact on the industry.

It brings together leading authorities to consider for the first time maritime logistics, and defines the area, registers its boundaries and contributes to its development.

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Leading authors

  • Kenneth J. Button, George Mason University, USA: Editor of top journals, advisor to governments, h-index = 20

  • David Banister, University of Oxford, UK: Editor of top transport journal, advisor to governments, h-index = 27

  • Eddy van de Voorde, Universiteit Antwerpen, Belgium: Prolific author on transport economics and freight, h-index = 7

  • Carlos Daganzo, UC-Berkeley, USA:  ITS specialist expert in modelling and transportation, h-index = 41

  • Rune Elvik, Norwegian Centre for Transport Research, Norway: Prolific author on safety, h-index = 25

  • Graham Currie, Monash University, Australia: Specialist in public transport, h-index = 19

Newly added in 2017

Image: Bounded Rational Choice Behaviour (Applications in Transport).

Bounded Rational Choice Behaviour (Applications in Transport)
eISBN: 9781784410711
Year: 2015


Image: Airport Design and Operation (3rd Edition).

Airport Design and Operation (3rd Edition)  
eISBN: 9781784418694
Year: 2015


Image: Chinese Railways in the Era of High Speed.

Chinese Railways in the Era of High Speed
eISBN: 9781784419844
Year: 2015


Image: Handbook of Logistics and Supply-Chain Management (Handbooks in Transport v2)

Handbook of Logistics and Supply-Chain Management (Handbooks in Transport v2)
Print ISBN: 9780080435930
ISSN: 1472-7889
Year: 2001

Image: Traffic Safety and Human Behavior (second edition)Traffic Safety and Human Behavior (second edition)
Print ISBN: 9781786352224          
eISBN: 9781786352217
Year: 2017

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Handbook of Transport Strategy, Policy and Institutions

Image: Bert van Wee."They've done it again!...very informative and provides the reader with a lot of insights into institutions, strategies and policy...this book is a must for all academics and professionals who work in this area and do not yet have the basic knowledge on transport, strategy, policy, and institutions."

Bert van Wee, Delft University of Technology

Fundamentals of Transportation and Traffic Operations

Image: H. Michael Zhang."…This text is a must for researchers and engineers who want the best start possible.

It should be recommended reading for all senior classes in transportation and traffic operations".

– H. Michael Zhang, University of Iowa