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A collection with editorial representation and author contributions from some of the world's leading institutions and coverage spanning a broad range of subject areas including computations and modelling, electronics and mechanical engineering.

It is widely used in practice by global organizations within industries such as aerospace, automotive and manufacturing. A high quality, interdisciplinary collection, including Thomson Reuters (ISI) ranked titles Rapid Prototyping Journal, the premier journal for additive manufacturing research, and Industrial Robot: An International Journal, the world's first journal dedicated to robotics.

  • 16,900 articles from 26 titles
  • 500,000 downloads in 2015
  • 62% in ISI, and 92% in Scopus


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Meet the Editors of Rapid Prototyping Journal.

One of Emerald's leading journal titles, Rapid Prototyping Journal, provides researchers with essential information on developments and applications in additive manufacturing and related technologies. Meet the Editors in this video feature.

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