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On Fundamentals of Transportation and Traffic Operations:

"...This text is a must for researchers and engineers who want the 'best' start possible. It should be recommended reading for all senior classes in transportation and traffic operations."

H. Michael Zhang, University of Iowa, USA

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    • modes of transport
    • transport safety
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    • logistics
    • transport planning and the environment

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Latest Books

  • Traffic Safety and Human Behaviour

  • Walking: Connecting Sustainable Transport with Health

  • NEW: Paratransit: Shaping the Flexible Transport Future. Recently, technological advances have made feasible new or improved approaches for organizing and delivering local passenger transportation. With practice, policy and research in paratransit now being impacted by these developments, a new set of possibilities is emerging. This book pulls together the latest research on these developments in flexible transport systems.

  • NEW: Chinese Railways in the Era of High-Speed. The Chinese railway system has experienced a rapid evolution since 2004. With a massive investment in railway infrastructure over the decade, the Chinese national railway system has evolved into an era of high-speed.

  • NEW: Airport Design and Operation. This book presents a new approach to airport design and operation. The two are always closely related and influence each other; a poor design affects the airport operation and results in increased costs, however it is not possible to design airport infrastructure without a sound knowledge of the airport operation.

  • NEW: Sustainable Urban Transport. The requirement for sustainable transport in urban areas has become more onerous in the past decade due to a number of negative externalities which have been increasingly associated with growing mobility and the advances made in the technology and available options for sustainable transport. Vol 7 of the Transport and Sustainability book series.

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Outstanding Papers form the backbone of the Awards for Excellence. As these awards are chosen by eminent academics or managers, the winning authors receive the prestige of it being recognized that theirs is one of the most impressive pieces of work the judges have seen throughout the past year.

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We are always keen to hear your ideas for new books and ways to support the transportation research community.

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