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Promoting Sustainable Decision-Making

Guest editors

Stefano Armenia -
Georgios Tsaples -
Jason Papathanasiou -

The special issue (SI) connects the three main topics on which Kybernetes is currently focusing: systems thinking, data analysis and decision support systems addressing complex issues and their potential impacts, in a variety of areas such as environment, economy, energy etc.

The SI is also related to the ICDSS-PROMETHEE Days 2018 conference that is focused, in particular, on  issues related to the wide topic of Decision Support Systems and Multicriteria Decision Aid with potential applications to smart, present and future, complex organizations. The topics of governance and self-organisation at the same time are highly-commented topics in the research environment. Additionally, the Editors plan to join the research area on “data-driven” decision support systems with the research area on decision support systems based on classical organizational approaches, including the use of methodologies like System Dynamics, Agent-based Modelling, MultiCriteria Decision Analysis, as well as their “hybridization”. The topic of connecting this two research “worlds” that until today have worked in the same direction but with two very different approaches can be an added value to the Special Issue. The rationale is to promote the idea that Decision Support Systems that utilize a variety of methodologies can facilitate the decision making process, especially in situations where a large number of stakeholders (with different objectives) is involved and the decisions themselves concerns complex systems that can generate consequences in different spatial and temporal dimensions.

The SI is providing new insights into the high-level open issues commonly and frequently arising in our society. In detail, it includes the new developments in the technologies as well as in organizational modelling & simulation approaches, enabling effective governance and self-organisation of the current society. An added originality will be granted by the intersection of research areas historically separated in decision making sciences, that is data analysis (i.e.: data-driven decision making) with Systems Thinking and pure OR methodologies whose value has been tested over the previous decades.
Due to the transdisciplinary topics that will be gathered, the SI scope will offer an overview of Decision Support Systems that are based on different methodologies that can prove helpful in reaching efficient and timely decisions , while at the same time they can offer insights to decision makers on how to interprete new challenges that arise from the modern digital life.
The SI aims to reach out both academics as well as practitioners interested in the topics covered. Therefore, the SI also aims to attract both academic based-articles as well as some rigorous practice-based contributions.

Specific topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • People, technology and governance for sustainability
  • Environmental modelling under different modelling approaches
  • Decision making with the help of different methodologies
  • Hybrid decision support systems
  • Data-Driven decision making vs Model-based decision making
  • Modelling and simulation with Big Data
  • PROMETHEE and MCDA in combination with Big DATA

Submission guidelines:

The deadline for submission of papers is 15 October 2018.

Papers submitted must be original, and comply with submission guidelines for Kybernetes (  Papers must be submitted via the journal review management website All articles will be subjected to a rigorous double blind peer review process. Initial enquiries can be made through email to the Guest Editors in the first instance.