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Supply chain and distribution management in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)

Special issue call for papers from International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management

Guest Editors

Professor Dr Herbert Kotzab, University of Bremen, Chair in Logistics Management, Bremen, Germany
Assistant Professor Kristina Petljak, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Economics and Business Zagreb, Croatia
Associate Professor Davor Dujak, University of Osijek, Faculty of Economics, Osijek, Croatia

CEE region.This special issue is dedicated to supply chain and distribution management with a special focus on Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), as insights from CEE countries are still rare and remain on descriptive levels (Lorentz et alet al., 2018). The Central and Eastern Europe is represented on the map as the geographical area which includes the following counties: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, eastern part of Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

As huge concentration processes have been conducted throughout CEE region, findings indicate that the supply chain perspective is often crucial in the decisions on mergers and acquisitions (Mesarić et al., 2015). Although region is of growing economic significance, lack of focus in supply chain and distribution management is surprising. Consequently, it is the aim of the special issue to provide insight to distribution and SCM-related strategic, tactical and operational challenges and to develop theoretical-conceptual as well as practical-empirical guides towards a better understanding of supply chain and distribution management in the context of this European region.

This special issue will offer as systematic and holistic overview of the current momentum of supply chain and distribution management research in the CEE region.

Submission around the following topics is particularly encouraged:

  • Blockchain in logistics and supply chain management
  • Business logistics as a function of international exchange improvement
  • Category management
  • Challenges of demand management
  • Challenges of omnichannel retailing
  • Contemporary warehousing trends
  • Distribution design trends
  • Distribution management and design models
  • Educational challenges in business logistics and supply chain management in CEE
  • Efficiency in logistics
  • Financial flows in value chains
  • Forecasting
  • Green supply chain management
  • ICT in supply chain management
  • Influence of retail formats on supply chain
  • Innovative forms of distribution channels
  • In-plant logistics
  • Inventory management issues
  • Outsourcing in logistics
  • Production and distribution of food products
  • Regional value chains and networks - logistical point of view
  • Retail supply chains
  • Retailing and wholesale in food value chain
  • Reverse logistics
  • Route optimisation
  • Spatial development of retail and logistics capacities
  • Supply chain risk and resilience
  • Sustainability in supply chain management
  • Theory of business logistics and supply chain management
  • Transportation issues

This list is indicative and we welcome any submission that is related to the supply chain and distribution management in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

Submission Information

The special issue is open to both participants and non-participants of the International Scientific Conference Business Logistics in Modern Management ( All manuscripts will undergo a double-blind review process. Submissions should be between 6,000-8,000 words, including references, figures and tables, and follow the manuscript requirement outlined in the journal's author guidelines.

The submission deadline is April 15th, 2019 through ScholarOne Manuscripts at:

The publication of the special issue is planned for December 2019.

Regarding this special issue, please direct queries to: Professor Herbert Kotzab ( For any assistance, authors should contact Authors should quote the journal name and special issue title in their inquiries.


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Mesarić, J., Segetlija, Z. and Dujak, D. (2015), "Effects of acquisitions and mergers on supply chain structure and strategy - Case study approach", Pre-Conference Proceedings of The 12th International Conference on Logistics & Sustainable Transport 2015 / Ipavec, Vesna Mia ; Kramberger, Toma? (ur.). Celje, Slovenija : University of Maribor, Faculty of Logistics, Celje, Slovenia, pp. 114-120

Petljak, K., Zulauf, K., Štulec, I., Seuring, S. and Wagner, R. (2018), "Green supply chain management in food retailing: survey-based evidence in Croatia", Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, vol. 23 no. 1, pp. 1-15