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Emerald journal news

Call for Guest Editors

The International Journal of Comparative Education Development (IJCED) is seeking expressions of interest in guest editorship of themed issues on topics including:

Topics for Submission:

  • Language and Society
  • Educational Policy and Administration
  • Citizenship and Globalization
  • Internationalization of Education
  • Diversity and Multiculturalism
  • Philosophy of Education
  • Higher Education
  • Gender and Equity
  • Critical Discourse

About the journal

The International Journal of Comparative Education and Development (IJCED) is a quarterly journal devoted to addressing current issues and future developments in comparative education and international education. The journal is international and interdisciplinary, inviting contributions from across the globe and from various academic disciplines.

The journal is intended to be a vehicle for scholarly presentation and dissemination of theoretical and applied contributions to comparative approaches and research related to education and society with units of comparison, both analytical and synthetic, such as time-history, sociology, national and international policies and systems, cultures, minorities, critical discourse and philosophy. The journal is a venue for research studies, theory papers, critical essays, and reviews. Special issues are devoted to specific themes with Guest Editors leading the editorial process

Key journal audiences

  • Academics and practitioners in the education field
  • Specialists in the field of international and comparative education
  • Postgraduate students in related fields
  • Cross-disciplinary academics and practitioners interested in the link between their field and education studies

Special issue proposals will need to address at least one area from the aims and scope listed above, outline a rationale, suggest a timeline and give some indicative themes for papers. It is expected that the special issue will publish in 2017.

Please submit your outline (downloadable here) to the editor Jae Park at