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Consumerism Virtual Issue

We would like to invite you to take a look at the latest Virtual Issue from Journal of Indian Business Research (JIBR).

Modern society is overwhelmed by the concept of consumerism, not only in India, but worldwide. The following articles explore the tendencies, attitudes and actions of consumers from a variety of demographics. These articles are free to access for one month.

Brand analysis of global and local banks in India: a study of young consumers

Ankur Srivastava , Dipanjan Kumar Dey

Consumer shopping orientation: identification and characterization of outshoppers

Jayesh D. Patel , Yupal S. Shukla

Impulse buying tendencies among Indian consumers: scale development and validation

Sheetal Mittal , Deepak Chawla , Neena Sondhi

Examining consumers’ attitude towards purchase of counterfeit fashion products

Vinita Bhatia

Factors affecting consumers’ participation in consumption tax evasion

Himanshu Shekhar Srivastava, Gurbir Singh, Abhishek Mishra

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JIBR is a leading specialist reference resource of academic information and analysis on Indian business. It highlights cutting edge research, new concepts and theories, fresh practical ideas and initiatives that can be readily applied to understand business strategies of Indian companies, both in and outside of India, as well as the business strategies of foreign firms operating within India.

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