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Publishing partnerships with Emerald

Emerald has a strong commitment to innovation and quality in journals publishing, and is proud to be on the leading edge of business and management research.

We strive to enhance and extend our portfolio and are keen to combine our publishing expertise with the subject specialities of other organizations to launch top-quality, sustainable new journals.

If you represent a member organization and are interested in discussing the launch of a new journal for your membership and for the wider community, we would love to hear from you.

Join a winning team

Unlike other publishers, we do not ask for any investment from our association, society and organization partners in order to launch a journal. A third of societies regularly incur losses via a co-publishing arrangement, but an Emerald partnership provides a way for member organizations to gain a journal published in their name without having to risk any of the input that traditional "society publishers" demand in terms of financial outlay and shared risk.

The only service which we charge for is the supply of the new journal to your members, but our flexibility means we are able to provide this at a fraction of the cost of a full subscription. There is no obligation to use this service, but by providing access to Emerald management content to your members you have the potential to increase the value to their membership.

Supporting and promoting your organization

A new Emerald journal can become a valuable and tangible benefit of membership and a vital means of encouraging member retention and engagement, whilst also helping to attract new applications. Our partners have the power to appoint their own Editors and Editorial Advisory Board members and to work with Emerald to determine the scope and objectives of the journal.

We recognize that your organization has the expertise amongst its executive and its members to help ensure that a new launch will be successful. It is this expertise, combined with the publishing knowledge and experience that we can provide, that can sustain a new journal's development during the early years when other new launch journals fail to succeed.

We pride ourselves on our awareness that every partner will have different needs and priorities when considering launching a new journal. Our rigorous new launch process means that we will only launch a new title when we are convinced that there is a need and that the journal can be developed into a quality publication that is sustainable, of interest to the research and practitioner community, and a fitting addition to the Emerald portfolio.

For more information, contact Dr Meloney Bartlett on +44 (0)1274 777700