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New-look LIS journals collection

The Library Science field is evolving. It has become more interdisciplinary and outward-looking, broadening in impact with research that intersects with Information Systems, Information Science and Education.

We are adapting to these trends with a number of journal name changes, as well as broadening the scope of several of our titles, as detailed on this page.

Click on the links below to find out more about the changes for each journal.

Performance Measurement and Metrics

Image: Performance Measurement and Metrics.

Performance Measurement and Metrics will be focusing more clearly on library assessment and the wider organizational planning and development context.


Interlending & Document Supply

Image: Interlending & Document Supply.

Interlending & Document Supply will change its name to Information Discovery and Delivery at the end of 2016.  The journal publishes research and practice which explores the digital information supply chain, i.e. Transport, flows, tracking, exchange and sharing, including within and between libraries. There is also an incoming Editor.


New Library World

Image: New Library World.

New Library World will change its name to Information and Learning Science at the end of 2016. The journal explores all aspects of the creation, collection, discovery and use of all types of information, knowledge, learning and research resources.


The Bottom Line

Image: The Bottom Line.

The Bottom Line publishes research and case studies on the financial and economic aspects of information and information practice, mainly focusing on the trading of information, information economics and the business of information. Find out about the incoming Editor.


Online Information Review

Image: Online Information Review.

Online Information Review has refined its scope to focus on digital information and communication, and related technologies. The journal has new Editors.


Digital Library Perspectives

Image: Digital Library Perspectives.

Digital Library Perspectives covers the curation and web-based delivery of digital objects collected for the advancement of scholarship, teaching and learning.



Image: Program.

Program is now a web science journal. It covers any topic related to Web science, data analytics and digital information management.


The Electronic Library

Image: The Electronic Library.

The Electronic Library publishes research about information organization for knowledge creation, discovery, access and sharing.


Library Hi Tech

Image: Library Hi Tech.

Library Hi Tech features articles which explore new tools for managing and giving access to information, innovative ways of understanding interactions with users in both digital and hybrid environments, and unconventional approaches to library and information environments. The journal has a new Editor.


Library Review

Image: Library Review.

Library Review publishes contemporary research and practice which explores the way that people and organizations interact in the digital information environment.  It is concerned with innovation and developments in digital information, as they relate to global knowledge, communication and world memory.


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