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Image: Clothes shopping can lead to misery for plus-size teens

In the article "Exploring apparel purchase issues with plus-size female teens", Assistant Professor Laurel Dawn Romeo from Louisiana State University and Young-A Lee from Iowa State University conducted in-depth interviews with plus-size females aged 12-17 years and their families about their experiences with clothes shopping.

This research from the Journal of Fashion Management and Marketing highlights:

  • The issues plus-size female teens face when clothes shopping.
  • What measures need to be taken by the clothing brand and retail industry to better cater to their needs and improve their overall experience.

How do plus-size teens feel about clothes shopping?

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Plus-size fashion – are you getting it right?

Image: Rebel Wilson

The ready-to-wear clothing marketplace is highly competitive.

In order to maintain and increase profits, brands and retailers must always be looking for ways to improve customer satisfaction.

Based on the findings of this research article, we have compiled a set of top recommendations for those who cater to plus-size teens.


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