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Image: Women and Society

Women's studies impact every aspect of our daily lives; from human resource decisions, to getting ahead at work, equality discussions and in advertising.

Therefore, we've collated Emerald research based upon a range of issues affecting women in the past, present and future. We explore the gender pay gap, women entrepreneurs over fifty, the portrayal of women as leaders (taken from a paper on the polarizing opinions of Cleopatra through the centuries), and how women became so influential in the advertising and marketing boardroom.

We'd also like your views on equality, whether that's the gender pay gap, portrayal of women in the media and beyond. If you have something to say about this page or are interested in using any of the content for your own articles or would like to see any additional research, please get in touch.

Women through the ages

In her role as leader of Egypt, Cleopatra has often been depicted not only as a great beauty but also as extravagant.

Drawing on four retellings of Cleopatra and Antony from Plutarch, Shakespeare, Sarah Fielding and finally the Hollywood movie starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, author Sally Riad evaluates that the display of wealth on the leader is contextual and gendered.

"Even texts that depict Antony's weaknesses focus the vitriol of excess on Cleopatra, and in the twentieth century, it is Liz Taylor rather than Richard Burton that cops the flak..."

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Image: Businesswoman.

The women trailblazers in marketing and advertising

Women have always been at the heart of "consumer" culture – as consumers, producers and critics. Read the perspective of Professor Mark Tadajewski and Professor Pauline MacLaran.

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Image: Entrepreneur.

Women as entrepreneurs: Fifty and over

Regardless of your stance on equality, out of the two genders, women are more likely to be stay at home mothers and look after the family. Read the perspective of Julie Logan.

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The gender pay gap

Image: Gender divide. Did you know, in all but one of 236 countries worldwide men tend to be older than their wives? Taking this and other naturally occurring data, we answer the age old question "why there is a gender wage gap?" We have developed this for your use alongside Solomon Polachek, co- author of "A biological basis for the gender wage gap" which appears in the special edition of our book series Research in Labor Economics Vol 41.

Image: Academic.

Gender Transformation in the Academy

Emerald's Gender Transformation in the Academy focuses on the changing role of women in the academic environment – and particularly in the STEM disciplines.

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