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#RealWorldResearch – Innovation & Technology

From social entrepreneurship to
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Image: What is co-creation and how can it help your business?
Featured article

What is co-creation and how can it help your business?

Co-creation is when different parties work together to produce a mutually valuable outcome. But how exactly does co-creation generate value for businesses? New research answers that question.

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Book cover: Putting the Genie Back.


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Image: Ofer Sharone. LinkedIn or LinkedOut?

It was predicted the internet would bring radical change to recruitment, but just how far-reaching has that change been? Ofer Sharone shares his research into the sometimes surprising effects of these new labour market intermediaries.

Image: Custard, Culverts and Cake. Josh's Business, Lily's Party: An Everyday Story of Country Folk Online

"Custard, Culverts and Cake" researchers on how The Archers undermines pervasive moral panic about social media, and provides alternative narratives about online safety and security in the context of community life.


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