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#RealWorldResearch – World events & current affairs

Explore our research on world events and
current affairs, from race, gender
and equality, to disaster relief
and combating terrorism


Image: Inclusion and diversity.

Featured article

Inclusion and diversity in the age of Trump

How do we deal with the challenge to diversity and inclusion in the age of trump?

Read the latest research which highlights how we can learn, develop, and apply our inclusive mind-sets.

Image: Women empowerment.

Empowering women in the 21st Century

Image: Is the Bitcoin frenzy making the world less safe?

Is the Bitcoin frenzy making the world less safe?

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Image: Combating Terrorism.

Combating Terrorism

Image: What is our responsibility to climate refugees?

What is our responsibility to climate refugees?

Image: #BlackLivesMatter – Beyond the hashtag

#BlackLivesMatter – Beyond the hashtag

The US media and the election of Donald J. Trump

Image: Humanitarian Logistics: Mapping the future.

Humanitarian Logistics: Mapping the future

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