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International Conference on "Harnessing Entrepreneurial Potential of Women for Economic Growth"

Conference call for papers from International Journal of Gender and Entrepreneurship

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22nd – 24th January 2009, Manipal University, India


It has been globally accepted that women entrepreneurship development results in overall economic and social development . The need for entrepreneurship development among women is to empower women by bringing them  into the main stream of development and thereby improving their economic status. The objective is to stimulate and provide new employment opportunities through self employment. The interventions in the area of women entrepreneurship are by and large focused towards enterprise creation. Given the rapid changes in technology , the dynamics of globalization and fast changing consumer preferences ,    SMEs –  particularly those promoted by women , face challenges in survival and growth. While women entrepreneurs have demonstrated their potential, the fact remains that they are capable of contributing much more than what they already are. In order to harness their potential and for their continued growth & development, it is necessary to formulate appropriate strategies to stimulate, support and sustain their efforts in this direction.

In this context, an International conference on “Harnessing the Entrepreneurial Potential of Women for Economic Growth” is organized by Manipal Institute of Management jointly with Asian Centre for Entrepreneurial Initiatives (ASCENT) as Knowledge partner to discuss and deliberate on the various issues related to women entrepreneurship development.

About the conference:

The conference aims to consider the state-of-the-art entrepreneurship development interventions, address some of the challenges confronting women entrepreneurs and consider emerging issues that local & global actors will need to address in future. The conference aims to deliberate on the following broad issues:

  • How can the creative energy of women be harnessed in a way that promotes greater local and regional economic development in today's global economy?
  • What elements of the gender and business issues are particularly relevant for women-owned enterprises?
  • How can Information and Communication Technology (ICT) be deployed as a tool to deliver business development services, create network enabling mechanisms to reach larger segments of women?
  • What strategies and solutions can be built to prepare women in all segments: the urban and the rural women, women in the Micro, Small and Medium enterprises, to be part of mainstream of economic development?  

Themes of the conference:

  • Facilitating and deterring factors for women entrepreneurship development
  • Cluster approach to facilitate growth of women – owned SMEs
  • Bests practices in facilitating enterprise growth at firm level
  • Networking of women entrepreneurs
  • Women in Family business
  • Women as Technocrat Entrepreneurs
  • Socio-cultural issues in women enterprise development
  • Role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the process of growth of women – owned enterprise


This conference is open to local, regional and national authority/agency representatives, private companies, academicians/researchers, women entrepreneurs, their associations and chambers of commerce, NGOs and special interest groups.

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