Financial technology, business competitiveness and sustainability


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Financial technology (FinTech) and Regulatory technology (RegTech) have begun to use in many countries around the world. The rapid growth of FinTech and RegTech are forcing managers, entrepreneurs, financial regulators and policy makers around the world to realign their financial Regulatory technology objectives and practices with their corporate financial stability goals and profitability. This book considers the potential role of FinTech and RegTech in facilitating this balancing, opportunities associated with both technologies and challenges face them in applying it. 

This special issue invites the implications of (new) technologies, finance, and business development gadgets for applications in societies. It highlights a range of topics in the fields of administration, accounting, economics, and business, as well as information, technology, and systems management that can contribute to business, organization, and economic development, especially in emerging markets.


List of topic areas


  • Financial Technology, Competitiveness diagnostics and rankings. 
  • Financial Innovation and Business Sustainability. 
  • FinTech, Accountability and RegTech opportunities. 
  • International Business and the role of FinTech. 
  • FinTech and RegTech challenges and implications. 
  • Woman on Board of Directors and The Dimensions of Competitiveness. 
  • FinTech in public sector and the role of accountability. 
  • The effect of FinTech and RegTech on corporate sustainability and profitability. 
  • Examining methodologies and measurements of FinTech and RegTech. 
  • Characteristics and practices of FinTech and RegTech. 
  • Corporate Governance and Sustainability. 
  • Woman on Board and Business Performance. 
  • Smart cities, FinTech features and sustainable development FinTech, RegTech and risk management. 
  • FinTech, RegTech and corporate governance. 
  • Stakeholder engagement and sustainable finance development. 
  • FinTech and RegTech in emerging markets. 
  • FinTech and RegTech in developed countries. 
  • Cross-national comparisons of FinTech and RegTech. 
  • FinTech, RegTech and economic sustainability. 
  • FinTech, RegTech and economic development. 
  • FinTech, RegTech and Public governance. 
  • FinTech, RegTech and the role of government policy.
  • Funding and Expenditure of FinTech and RegTech. 
  • FinTech and RegTech education.
  • FinTech, RegTech and Innovative environment.
  • FinTech, RegTech and Artificial intelligence application.


Guest Editors

Prof. Allam Hamdan. 
Dean of the College of Business and Finance, Ahlia University, Manama, Bahrain. 
[email protected]

Dr. Ruaa BinSaddig. 
Dean of Scientific Research, University of Business and Technology, Saudi Arabia, 
[email protected]


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