Calling for Change in Disaster Studies

The submissions are open only for those who are invited to submit the paper.

Submission opens on Scholar One (do not submit before this date): 1st January 2021

Submission deadline: 22nd April 2021

Guest editors

Punam Yadav, University College London

Email: [email protected]

Victor Marchezini, Cemaden – National Early Warning and Monitoring Center of Natural Hazards

Email: [email protected]

Dewald Van Niekerk, North West University, South Africa

Email: [email protected].

Jonatan Lassa, Charles Darwin University

Email: [email protected]

Overview of special issue

The aim of this special issue is to challenge disaster research status-quo and pave the way for a new thinking beyond the established paradigms. This will, we hope set the way for a change in thinking around disaster education curriculum and pedagogies.

We, therefore, call for submissions from researchers and practitioners from around the world seeking to challenge the status quo of disaster research. We strongly encourage researchers from most at-risk countries and disaster hotspots. We also encourage equitable collaborations between local and non-local researchers. We encourage both theoretical and empirical contributions.

This special edition calls for papers that share the spirit of the above-mentioned manifesto. The typical questions can be: how to decolonise disaster and disaster risk studies research and move beyond the current established sources, concepts, methodologies and languages that dominate disaster and risk research? How to create a research ethos that promotes higher representation from vulnerable and marginal research communities? How to create a system of incentives that are respectful, reciprocal and create genuine relationships between “local” and “external” researchers in disaster studies? How to transform our methods and our allocation of resources to suit the ethos of the manifesto?

It also encourages submissions of all kinds, from short opinion pieces and commentaries to full research papers addressing some pertinent questions in the field of disaster studies.

Indicative list of anticipated themes

  • Decolonising disaster research 
  • Alternative future
  • Disaster research alternatives
  • Disaster research ethics
  • Disaster research and local knowledge epistemology
  • Issues of cultural sovereignty in disaster research
  • Disaster epistemology
  • Feminist perspective to disaster studies
  • Sub-altern studies

Key dates

Submission window opens: 1st January 2021

Submission window closes: 22nd April 2021

Submission details

All submissions must be made via ScholarOne.

For more information, please see the author guidelines.