TCJ Compact Case Competition

2021 The Case Journal Compact Case Competition

Competition closed

The aim of this competition is to encourage and promote the development of compact cases.

Unlike traditional 8-10-page case study narratives, we welcome the submissions of compact cases under 1,500 words, which students can read in 15 minutes; allowing an immediate classroom discussion around a single theme.

Short cases include carefully selected data, background information, and exhibits, and are more focused on analysis in the classroom.

As with standard length cases, compact cases need to develop a central protagonist facing a compelling management dilemma and contain a substantial teaching note as per TCJ guidelines.

The total award prize pool includes $2,000 prize money!

Prizes will be awarded to three cases ($1,000 for first, and $500 each for second and third).

Compulsory submission criteria

  • All cases should be well-researched teaching cases based on a real situation in a real company, with a clear decision-making situation, and prepared in accordance with case writing guidelines provided in the instructional materials below.
  • All case submissions that fulfil the criteria will be considered for publication in The CASE Journal
  • Academic case-method articles will not be accepted
  • Case studies submitted should not have been published before in their current or substantially similar form, or be under consideration for publication in any ISSN/ ISBN-registered publication or with any other case-centre.
  • All case studies must be accompanied by a consent to publish release form which has been completed and signed by the management of the company or individuals included in the case.
  • Permissions documentation must be supplied for any content that is not of your own  making, including tables and figures from other sources. Please read our permissions guidelines
  • Cases need to meet the standard TCJ guidelines and be a maximum of 1,500 words.

Important note

Cases will be automatically entered into the peer review process. Selected cases will be published in The CASE Journal. By participating in the competition, you are automatically agreeing to having your case study published in TCJ, providing it is accepted for publication after peer review and rounds of revision [if required].

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