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Support for journal & book editors

Journal editors

We value our editors. We understand that the time and effort you invest in your journal has an enormous role to play in its success.

In this section, you’ll find tools and resources designed to support you in this crucial role.

Did you know, being a journal editor with Emerald entitles you to:

  • FREE online access to your journal

  • 35% discount on books in our Emerald Bookstore. If you haven’t already received your discount code, please contact your Publisher.

Your Emerald team

Find out more about the roles of Publisher, Publishing Editor and Content Editor and how they can help you.

The editorial team

A guide to the tasks and responsibilities of editors, guest editors, additional editors and editorial board members.

Running a successful journal

Our practical guide looks at how the publishing process works. It covers article level publishing, the article transfer service, special issues, submissions, peer review, and more.

Attracting submissions

Looking for the right balance of quality and quantity? We can help.

Finding and keeping reviewers

Our useful tips are designed to help you source new reviewers and build lasting relationships.

Journal promotion

We explore the steps we take to promote your journal, as well as ideas and advice on how you can get involved. 

Developing and monitoring your journal

Everything you need to know about strategy, improving journal reputation and the power of metrics.

Publishing ethics guidelines

Understand the ethics responsibilities of editors, authors and reviewers, and the steps you should take when an allegation of misconduct is made.

Open Access

Find out more about Emerald Reach, an initiative designed to make open access content accessible online, in the media, and beyond the academy.

Book editors

We are always keen to add new titles to our growing books portfolio. If you are interested in publishing a title with Emerald, we’d love to hear from you.

You’ll find detailed instructions on the book publishing process in our book author hub.

Did you know, being a book editor with Emerald entitles you to:

  • A copy of each volume in the series
  • Free online access to your book series
  • 35% discount on books in our Emerald Bookstore. If you haven’t already received your discount code, please contact your Publisher.
  • Support with calls for chapters and reviewers

We’ve also highlighted some useful forms and guides below.

For further information, questions or suggestions, please contact your Publisher or content editor.