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Cross Cultural & Strategic Management - Editorial Review Board

David Ahlstrom, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Research interests:  Technology transfer; R&D communities; technology and entrepreneurship; turnarounds; institutional theory

Akram Al Ariss, Toulouse Business School, France
Research interests:  International human resource management; international careers; global talent management of skilled expatriate and migrant workforce

Ilan Alon, University of Agder, Norway
Research interests:  Global franchising, political risk assessment and the globalization of Chinese enterprises

Mahfooz A. Ansari, University of Lethbridge, Canada
Research interests:  Leadership, leader-member exchange, global/international leadership; social power; influence tactics, impression management; faireness perception/justice; cultural orientation; national culture

Anshu Arora, University of the Distrcit of Columbia, USA
Research interests:  Digital and social media marketing; social media strategy mix and social media measurement; stereotypical advertising polysemy; consumer behavior; ambient advertising; relational supply chain management strategy

Jean-Luc Arregle, EM Lyon Business School, France
Research interests: Semi-globalization strategies; family firms' strategies; roles of institutions in firms' strategic decisions

Kazuhiro Asakawa, Keio University, Japan
Research interests:  Multinational management; organization theory; global innovation; R&D management

Alexander Assouad, Belmont University, USA
Research interests:  International strategy/business (Macro); entry modes; cultural differences; institutional theory; emerging markets; international HR; global virtual teams; cultural differences within teams; TMT – cultural complications; motivation – cultural differences in motivation

Vishawanath V. Baba, McMaster University, Canada
Research interests:  Cross-cultural management; comparative organizational behavior; comparative management; theory of comparison; individual-collectivism; evidence-based management; Asian management

Katharina Bader, Northumbria University, UK
Research interests:  Diversity management; international human resource management; transfer of HR practices; expatriate management; cross-cultural management; Japan

Greg Bamber, Monash University, Australia
Research interests:  Employment relations; human resources; organizational/technological change; strategic management; ‘lean’ management and the international transferability of management styles by multinational enterprises

Ellie R. Banalieva, Northeastern University, USA
Research interests:  Geographic scope and institutional contexts that enable or constrain the strategies of family and non-family firms, especially from emerging markets and transition economies

Chris Baumann, Macquarie University, Australia, and Seoul National University, South Korea
Research interests:  Confucianism; competitiveness; (customer) loyalty; education/discipline

Secil Bayraktar, Toulouse Business School, France
Research interests:  Cross cultural leadership; international HRM; expatriation; organizational change; national culture

Christopher John Brewster, Henley Business School, University of Reading, UK
Research interests:  International HRM; expatriation; expatriate adjustment; comparative HRM; comparative capitalisms; stakeholders in HRM; intergovernmental organizations

Sue Bruning, University of Manitoba, Canada
Research interests:  Cross-cultural management; cultural diversity; expatriate effectiveness; expatriate adjustment; global staffing; virtual teams; global virtual leadership

Pawan Budhwar, Aston University, UK
Research interests:  International perspectives of HRM; expatriate management; Indian MNEs and their HRM systems abroad

Paula Caligiuri, Northeastern University, USA
Research interests:  Expatriate management; global mobility; international assignments; global leadership development; cross-cultural competencies; cultural agility; cross-cultural adjustment

Dan Caprar, University of New South Wales, Australia
Research interests:  Interactions between business and cultures; non-rational organizational behaviors; the academic-practice gap

Susan Cartwright, Lancaster University, UK
Research interests:  Occupational stress and organizational health and well being; the impact of change, particularly the human aspects of mergers and acquisitions on organizational productivity; commitment; employee satisfaction and well being; expatriation; innovation; health and culture; training evaluation; emotional intelligence; the meaning of work and older workers

Adam H. Cave, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, Canada
Research interests: Cross-cultural management; cultural diversity; cross-cultural competencies; repatriation; repatriate management; corporate social responsibility; employee engagement

Elena Cedrola, University of Macerata, Italy
Research interests: Management and internationalization of small and medium entreprises; internationalization and country of origin effect; fashion; business to business industries

Masud Chand, Wichita State University, USA
Research interests:  Diasporas; immigration; brain circulation; biculturalism; ethnic entrepreneurship; aging

Yi-Feng (Nancy) Chen, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
Research interests:  Leadership; teamwork; conflict management; LMX; guanxi; cooperation; competition

Tailan Chi, University of Kansas, USA
Research interests:  Transaction cost economics; property rights theory; real option theory; agency theory; game theory; foreign direct investment; cooperative strategy; entry mode choice; and market entry strategy

Daniel Han Ming Chng, China Europe International Business School, China
Research interests:  Corporate governance; organizational decline; corporate turnaround; executive compensation; agency theory; overseas mergers and acquisitions; entrepreneurship in emerging markets

Douglas Chun, University of La Verne, USA
Research interests:  Cultural change; strategic management; organizational cognition; aspiration theory

Henry Chung, Massey University, New Zealand
Research interests:  International marketing standardization/adaptation strategies; immigrant effect (i.e., Australian/New Zealand and international firms hiring immigrants to manage their business operation in the immigrants’ country of origin); market entry mode; managerial ties and guanxi; marketing orientation

Eric David Cohen, State University of Campinas, Brazil
Research interests:  Strategic management; international perspectives of organization theory; customer loyalty; international perspectives of emerging economies; quantitative research methods and methodology

David Collings, Dublin City University, Ireland
Research interests:  Global mobility; global talent management; HQ-subsidiary relationships; qualitative research

Farok Contractor, Rutgers University, USA
Research interests:  Foreign direct investment; cross-border alliances; knowledge transfer process - financing, negotiations, setting a price on technology, and the strategic implications of companies sharing their expertise and markets with other firms

Wade Danis, University of Victoria, Canada
Research interests:  Global strategic management; international comparative management; international entrepreneurship, particularly in the context of emerging economies

Alain De Beuckelaer, Renmin University of China and Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands
Research interests:  International comparative research in management; organizational behavior (applied psychology);  cross-national and cross-cultural research methodology

Carolyn Egri, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Research interests:  Corporate social responsibility (CSR): sustainability; corporate culture; values, attitudes; influence tactics; multi-level modeling

Stefano Elia, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Research interests:  Multinational firms from emerging countries (entry mode, location choice, and performance implications); offshoring, global sourcing, global value chain and reshoring (entry mode, location choice, and performance implications); agglomeration economies of multinational companies; employment implications of foreign direct investments; micro-foundation of international business  (entry mode, location choice); international licenses and alliances (financial and innovation performance)

Tony Fang, Stockholm University, Sweden
Research interests:  Unconventional thinking; conceptualization of culture in globalization; positive cross-cultural scholarship; culture change and cross-cultural learning; China and emerging markets; qualitative research methodology; Nordic Europe (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland); interdisciplinary research

Pingping Fu, University of Nottingham Ningbo, China
Research interests:  Leadership; cross-cultural management; ethics; values; global leadership; work motivation; conflict resolution

Oliver Furrer, University of Fribourg, Switzerland
Research interests:  International strategic alliances; corporate social responsibility; cross-cultural measurement invariance; strategic management; cross-cultural intelligence

Hanna Gajewska-De Mattos, Leeds University Business School, UK
Research interests:  Conceptualization of culture and cultural difference; cross-cultural management; emotions; international mergers and acquisitions; language; qualitative research methods; social anthropology

Majid Ghorbani, Renmin University of China, China
Research interests:  Social and environmental responsibility; international entrepreneurship; ethnic entrepreneurship; opportunity; innovation; China; ethnic Chinese

Cristina Gibson, University of Western Australia, Australia
Research interests:  Communication; interaction and effectiveness in teams; virtual teams; multicultural collaboration and identity; impact of culture on work behavior; intercultural competency; international management; innovation; cross-cultural and technology-enabled communication; executive leadership; motivating employees

Sandra Graça, Eckerd College, USA
Research interests:  Relationship marketing; trust; communication; buyer-supplier relationship quality; international strategic alliances; emerging markets; institutional theory.

Hamin Hamin, Sydney City School of Business, TOP Education Institute, Australia

Anne-Wil Harzing, Middlesex University London
Research interests:  International HRM; expatriate management; HQ-subsidiary relationships; cross-cultural management; transfer of HRM practices; the role of language in international business; the international research process; and the quality and impact of academic research

Zilin He, Tilburg University
Research interests:  Quantitative research methods; ambidextrous organization; organizational learning; firm strategy and IP protection; technology and innovation; management; innovation and imitation

Chen Ho, Ming Chuan University, Taiwan
Research interests:  Organizational behavior; leadership; group dynamics; human resource management; human capital; international education

Ying-yi Hong, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Research interests:  Culture and cognition; self-identity; intergroup relations

Leena Ajit Kaushal, Management Development Institute, India
Research interests:  Foreign direct investment; economic globalization; internationalization of the firm; emerging market MNEs; global strategies; public policy; sharing economy

Dawn Keig, Whitworth University, USA
Research interests:  Institutional theory; multinational formal and informal institutional environments; corruption; social responsibility & irresponsibility; slavery; MNE location portfolios; cultural distance

Navjote Khara, Niagara College, Canada
Research interests:  Corporate social responsibility (CSR); sustainability; global supply chains; linkages between global value chains and CSR

Shaista E. Khilji, The George Washington University, USA
Research interests:  Globalization; innovation; competitiveness; performance; changing demographics; impact of multinationals on local contexts, organizations (culture, HR systems, and practices), and individuals (behavior and outcome) and vice versa to lead to a desired performance

Gary Knight, Willamette University, USA
Research interests:  International management strategy; strategy in ‘bottom-of-the-pyramid’ countries and emerging markets; strategy of the ‘born global’ firm; international entrepreneurship

Sumit K Kundu, Florida International University, USA
Research interests: International entrepreneurship; internationalization of service industries; emerging market MNCs; global strategy and alliances

Dora Lau, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Research interests:  Small group dynamics, group diversity, group faultline, group structure, interpersonal trust, management in China, and cross-cultural issues in teams

Victor Lau, Hang Seng Management College, Hong Kong
Research interests:  Career success; entrepreneurial behavior; business ethics; organizational change

Karen Lynden, University of North Carolina Greensboro, USA
Research interests:  Training and development; virtual teams, global virtual teams, and cross cultural teams; organizational culture; organizational learning; organizational behavior; management; leadership; employee development; career and professional development; IB/business education best practices; effective and innovative teaching and learning strategies within the IB/business discipline

J. T. Li, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, Hong Kong
Research interests:  Organizational learning; strategic alliances; corporate governance; innovation; entrepreneurship with a focus on issues related to global firms and those from emerging economies

Jing Li, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Research interests:  Strategy and performance of emerging market multinational enterprises, and FDI strategy and performance in emerging markets

Peter Ping Li, Xian Jiaotong-Liverpool University, China, and Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Research interests:  Indigenous research; China and Chinese; cross-cultural trust; emerging multinational firms; entrepreneurship and innovation in emerging economies

Xin Li, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Research interests: Ambidexterity; paradox

Leigh Anne Liu, Georgia State University, USA
Research interests:  Negotiation; conflict management; intercultural relationship management; global competence; intercultural collaboration; culture cognition

Shige Makino, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Research interests:  Location strategy; foreign market expansion; organizational learning; theory of multinational corporations; corporate demography

Anabella del Rosario Davilla Martinez, Instituto Technologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Mexico
Research interests:  HRM in emerging economies with a focus on Latin America; institutional voids with a focus on human capital; institutional logics with a focus on HRM practices; neo-institutional theory with a focus on employment relationships; human rights and supply chains with a focus on human development; human rights and MNCs; stakeholder theory

John A. Mathews, Macquarie University, Australia
Research interests:  Competitive dynamics of international business; the evolution of technologies and their strategic management; the rise of new high technology industries; emergence of the ‘green economy’ and the transition to renewable energies; long-term sustainability.

Anna Matysek-Jędrych, Poznan University of Economics and Business, Poland
Research interests:  International business; strategic management; macroeconomics; central banking; CEECs

Wolfgang Mayrhofer, Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, Austria
Research interests:  Comparative international human resource management and leadership; work careers; systems theory and management

Brendan McSweeney, Royal Holloway University of London, UK
Research interests:  Qualitative research; anthropology; international business; finance; historical analysis; accounting

Anju Mehta, North Carolina A&T State University, USA
Research interests:  International human resource management; cross-cultural teams; globally distributed work; social exchanges; strategic outsourcing

Hemant Merchant, University of South Florida, USA
Research interests:  Global strategy; joint ventures; alliances, emerging markets; performance; India

Michael Minkov, Bulgaria International University College, Bulgaria
Research interests:  Dimensions of national culture and their correlates; personality differences (especially the Big Five)

Cristof Miska, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria
Research interests:  Corporate social responsibility; emerging economies; global ethics; global leadership; MNCs, responsible leadership; sustainability

Fiona Moore, University of London, UK
Research interests:  Ethnography; qualitative research methods; Germany; Taiwan; anthropology; human resource management; knowledge management; language; sexual orientation; gender

Michael Morley, University of Limerick, Ireland
Research interests:  International human resource management; International Assignments; Multinationals; Temporary Organization

Katrin S. Muhlfeld-Kerstan, Universitat Trier
Research interests:  International HRM; expatriate management; language in international business; managerial decision making; learning (individual, team, and organizational level); cross-border M&As; experimental methods in international business

William Newburry, Florida International University, USA
Research interests:  Reputation and other stakeholder perceptions of global firms; emerging market multinationals; managing international subsidiaries and joint ventures

Eddy Ng, Dalhousie University, Canada
Research interests:  Cross-cultural management; comparative management; diversity and inclusion; affirmative action; generations; millennial or Gen Y; work values; self-initiated expatriates; immigrants and immigration; multiculturalism

Bo Bernard Nielsen, University of Sydney, Australia
Research interests:  Strategic collaboration; firm internationalization; knowledge management across borders

Ursula F. Ott, Kingston University London, UK
Research interests:  International negotiations; cultural profiling; cross-cultural strategies; international joint ventures; game theory; fuzzy set Qualitative Comparative Analysis (fsQCA); experimental research design

Toshiya Ozaki, Rikkyo University, Japan
Research interests:  Varieties of capitalism; national business systems; comparative management; inter-firm relations; supply chain; organizational diversity; non-market strategy; East Asia

Maury Peiperl, George Mason University, USA
Research interests:  Top management learning; executive careers; change management; talent strategy; global mobility

Andre Pekerti, University of Queensland
Research interests:  n-culturals; cultural intelligence; acculturation; adjustment; servant leadership; self-concept; business ethics; attributions; cross-cultural communication; cross-cultural management

Sheila M. Puffer, Northeastern University
Research interests:  Russia; former Soviet Union; innovation; entrepreneurs; entrepreneurship; migration; biculturals in the workplace

Ke Rong, Tsinghua University, China
Research interests: Business ecosystem; innovation ecosystem; emerging multinational companies; China and emerging market; platform economy; sharing economy

Rajeev J. Sawant, Florida Atlantic University, USA
Research interests:  Corporate political activity; internationalization; emerging market multinationals; foreign direct investment

Tomoki Sekiguchi, Osaka University, Japan
Research interests:  Cross-cultural organizational behavior; organizational justice; person-environment fit; managerial decision making; recruitment and selection; international human resource management; international staffing; language in international business; Japanese management; management style

Jan Selmer, Aarhus University, Denmark
Research interests:  Expatriate management; global mobility

Margaret Shaffer,  University of Oklahoma, USA
Research interests:  Expatration/expatriation; repatriate/repatriation; global employees; global mobility; international HRM; global work demands; international business travellers; work-family conflict; work-family balance; employee turnover

Ana Cristina O. Siqueira, William Paterson University, USA
Research interests:  International perspectives on innovation, social entrepreneurship, and corporate social responsibility; emerging economies and base-of-the-pyramid entrepreneurial communities

Arjen Slangen, Erasmus University, the Netherlands
Research interests:  Entry mode choice; headquarters relocations; cross-border acquisitions

Paul Sparrow, Lancaster University Management School, UK
Research interests:  HR strategy; global resourcing and talent management; global human resource management

Günter K. Stahl, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria
Research interests:  Leadership and leadership development; corporate social responsibility; socio-cultural processes in international teams, alliances, mergers and acquisitions

Mary Sully de Luque, Thunderbird School of Global Management, USA
Research interests:  Micro and macro influences of culture in organizations; global leadership; organizational effectiveness; CSR; stakeholder decision-making and training

Vasyl Taras, University of North Carolina Greensboro, USA
Research interests:  Cross-cultural teams; cross-cultural training; culture; cross-cultural management; immigration

Ibraiz Tarique, Pace University, USA
Research interests:  International human resource management; global talent management; developing high potential employees; developing dynamic leadership and managerial competencies

Arup Varma, Loyola University Chicago, USA
Research interests:  Cross-cultural management; international assignments; expatriates; host country nationals; role information; social support; performance appraisal; performance management; leader-member exchange; supervisor-subordinate relationship

Doris Viengkham, Macquarie University, Australia
Research interests: East Asia; confucianism; competitiveness; ipsative measure; context; institutions; cross-cultural management; discipline/education

Stephanie Wang, Indiana University, USA
Research interests:  Capability upgrading; internationalization strategy; knowledge-based view; emerging markets

Florian Wangenheim, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Research interests:  Technology-intensive service management; customer management; online marketing

Catherine Welch, University of Sydney Business School, Australia
Research interests:  Internationalization processes of high-tech start-ups; qualitative research

Michael Witt, INSEAD, Singapore
Research interests:  Varieties of capitalism; national business systems; institutions, CSR, corporate governance; East Asia; Western Europe

Alfred Wong, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
Research interests:  Supply chain management; leadership; cooperation and competition; managing conflict

Daphne Yiu, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Research interests:  Corporate and international strategy; strategy in emerging economies; international entrepreneurship; international corporate governance

Lena Zander, Uppsala University
Research interests:  Global virtual teams; global virtual team leadership; shared leadership; empowering leadership; values in global organizations; transfer of values; transfer of management practices; team-based organizing in global organizations

Meng Zhao, Renmin University of China
Research interests:  Social innovation; social entrepreneurship; stakeholder management; emerging markets; corporate social responsibility; political legitimacy; symbolism; institutional change; multinational corporations; social finance

Shasha Zhao, Middlesex University London, UK
Research interests: R&D internationalization/offhsoring; R&D in emerging economies; impact of R&D on sustainability; R&D subsidiaries and linkages to local firms, governments, and institutions; role and evolution of subsidiaries; MNEs/MNCs; headquarter-subsidiary relationship; Asia; China

Yue Zhao, University of Arkansas Little Rock, USA
Research interests: Network; instituion; entry mode; global strategy