Call for Critical Reflection Papers

Editor-in-Chief: Fevzi Okumus

As one of the leading journals in our field, IJCHM communicates the latest developments and thinking on the management of hospitality and tourism businesses worldwide. To serve our readership in a meaningful way, IJCHM now calls for Critical Reflection Papers (CRPs). CRPs aim to achieve one or more of the following:

  • Offer a critical synthesis of existing research in a particular area and propose contemporary specific theoretical and/or methodological recommendations
  • Offer a critical synthesis on a particular research method (or a particular group of methods), data collection, or data analysis technique and propose specific recommendations for improvement and/or replacement
  • Offer a critical synthesis of a particular theory or interrelated theories with a specific focus on cutting edge/contemporary insights/perspectives
  • Critique limitations of an existing theory or theories and offer an alternative theory
  • Critique limitations of a dominant school of thought (or thoughts/approaches) and offer an alternative
  • Offer a critical synthesis on best practices in the industry with a specific focus on new cutting-edge insights
  • Offer insights into building better bridges between the industry and academia
  • Address a critical issue/challenge that hospitality and tourism businesses (or the industry) are facing and offer contemporary cutting-edge recommendations or solutions
  • Address a critical issue/challenge that hospitality and tourism scholars and programs are facing and offer specific recommendations/solutions
  • Identify an under-investigated but critical issue and offer feasible future directions

Critical Reflection Papers (CRPs) are conceptual by nature. However, authors can (or are encouraged to) submit empirical CRPs to offer stronger theoretical, methodological and practical implications. Multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches are particularly welcome in writing CRPs. Please note that CRPs are not just mere literature reviews.

CRPs should be a maximum of 7000 words including references, tables, figures and appendices. A maximum of 30 references are permitted. A maximum three tables and three figures are allowed. Each CRP will go through a double-blind review process. IJCHM EAB members, leading scholars and rising stars in the hospitality and tourism field will be invited to submit CRPs. However, multiple authors (up to four) can contribute to each paper. Co-authorship from industry executives is also welcome.  

Tentative Structure for CRPs:

  1. Title (less than 10 words)
  2. Highlights (in bullet point format up to five)
  3. Structured abstract and key words
  4. Introduction
  5. Main body and subsections
  6. Conclusions and Implications
    1. Conclusions
    2. Theoretical Implications
    3. Practical Implications
    4. Suggestions for future research
  7. References (up to 30 references)

Please follow IJCHM author guidelines closely for referencing and writing instructions when developing your CRP and submit it via

Please feel free to contact Prof. Fevzi Okumus, Editor-in-Chief of IJCHM ([email protected]), for further information and to discuss a possible CRP proposal and the deadline to develop and submit it. You are encouraged to view the IJCHM website for sample CRPs. Even if you are invited to develop and submit your CRP, there is no guarantee that it will be accepted and published in IJCHM. Each CRP will go through a double-blind review process and a decision will be made based on the reviewers’ feedback.