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In May, we announced our acquisition of the ICE Publishing portfolio, known and trusted by researchers and practitioners worldwide, welcoming them to the Emerald Publishing family.

This includes a collection of 35 peer-reviewed journals, over 1,500 eBooks, and an impressive archive of 36,000 research articles dating back to 1836.

On this page, you can see the wide range of journals which we’ve acquired as part of our dynamic partnership, bringing new opportunities and exciting prospects for advancing research in the field of civil and environmental engineering.

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Title ISSN Title ISSN
Advances in Cement Research 0951-7197 Geotechnical Research 2052-6156
Bioinspired, Biomimetic and Nanobiomaterials 2045-9866 Ground Improvement (Proceedings of the ICE) 1755-0750
Bridge Engineering (Proceedings of the ICE) 1478-4637 Green Materials 2049-1239
Civil Engineering (Proceedings of the ICE) 0965-089X Infrastructure Asset Management 2053-0250
Construction Materials (Proceedings of the ICE) 1747-650X Machine Learning and Data Science in Geotechnics 3029-0414
Dams and Reservoirs 1368-1494 Magazine of Concrete Research 1751-763X
Emerging Materials Research 2046-0155 Maritime Engineering (Proceedings of the ICE) 1741-7597
Engineering and Computational Mechanics (Proceedings of the ICE) 1755-0785 Management, Procurement and Law (Proceedings of the ICE) 1751-4304
Energy (Proceedings of the ICE) 1751-4223 Municipal Engineer (Proceedings of the ICE) 1751-7699
Journal of Environmental Engineering and Science 1496-2551 Nanomaterials and Energy 2045-984X
Environmental Geotechnics 2051-803X International Journal of Physical Modelling in Geotechnics 2042-6550
Engineering History and Heritage (Proceedings of the ICE) 1757-9430 Smart Infrastructure and Construction (Proceedings of the ICE) 2937-8759
Engineering Sustainability (Proceedings of the ICE) 1478-4629 Structures and Buildings (Proceedings of the ICE) 0965-0911
Forensic Engineering (Proceedings of the ICE) 2043-9903 Surface Innovations 2050-6260
Geotechnical Engineering (Proceedings of the ICE) 1353-2618 Transport (Proceedings of the ICE) 0965-092X
Geosynthetics International 1751-7613 Urban Design and Planning (Proceedings of the ICE) 1755-0793
Géotechnique Letters 2045-2543 Water Management (Proceedings of the ICE) 1741-7589
Géotechnique 0016-8505 Waste and Resource Management (Proceedings of the ICE) 1747-6534

Detailed view of our ICE Publishing journals collection

jbibn card image

Bioinspired, Biomimetic and Nanobiomaterials

Provides a unique scholarly forum for discussion and reporting of structure-sensitive functional properties of nature inspired materials.

jbren card image
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers

Bridge Engineering

One of the leading peer-reviewed publications covering innovation and developments in bridge engineering.

jcien card image
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers

Civil Engineering

Listed by the Web of Science, this is the ICE's flagship journal. It publishes accessible papers for the non-specialist on any subject relevant to civil engineering today.

jcoma card image
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers

Construction Materials

Seeks to publish original research and practice papers of the highest quality on any kind of materials used in construction and civil engineering.

jdare card image

Dams and Reservoirs

Official journal of the British Dam Society. Welcomes research from all over the world on design, construction, operation, safety, environmental aspects of dams, reservoirs and ancillary works.

jencm card image
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers

Engineering and Computational Mechanics

Publishes refereed papers and short contributions on fundamental applied mechanics in civil engineering.

jener card image
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers


Publishes ground-breaking original research papers and critical reviews on energy developments in industry and academia.

jenes card image

Journal of Environmental Engineering and Science

Provides a forum for the dissemination of environmental research, encouraging interdisciplinary research collaboration to address environmental problems.

jenge card image

Environmental Geotechnics

Provides a fresh perspective regarding the basic concepts, theory, techniques and field applicability of innovative testing and analysis methodologies and engineering practices in geoenvironmental engineering.

jenhh card image
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers

Engineering History and Heritage

Covers existing infrastructure, buildings and civil engineering structures around the world, and issues related to their conservation, restoration and adaptation to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

jensu card image
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers

Engineering Sustainability

Publishes articles relating to the pursuit and implementation of sustainability principles through engineering planning, design and application.

jfoen card image
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers

Forensic Engineering

Explores the studies of constructed facilities and systems that fail to perform as intended, resulting in environmental, property, personal or economic damage.

jgeen card image
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers

Geotechnical Engineering

This official journal of the BGA covers all aspects of geotechnical research, design, construction and performance.

jgein card image

Geosynthetics International

Official journal of the International Geosynthetics Society. Publishes the best information on current geosynthetics technology in research, design innovation, new materials and construction practice.

jgeot card image


Established in 1948, Géotechnique is the world's premier geotechnics journal, publishing research of the highest quality on all aspects of geotechnical engineering.

jgrim card image
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers

Ground Improvement

Publishes peer-reviewed papers on technological developments, feasibility studies and innovative engineering applications for all aspects of ground improvement, ground reinforcement and grouting.

jgrma card image

Green Materials

The focus of Green Materials relates to polymers and materials, with an emphasis on reducing the use of hazardous substances in the design, manufacture and application of products.

Machine Learning and Data Science in Geotechnics cover

Machine Learning and Data Science in Geotechnics

A gold open-access journal with a focus on addressing various geotechnical engineering challenges.

jmacr card image

Magazine of Concrete Research

Covers every aspect of concrete manufacture and behaviour from performance and evaluation of constituent materials to mix design, testing, durability, structural analysis and composite construction.

jmaen card image
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers

Maritime Engineering

Relevant to consulting, client and contracting engineers as well as researchers and academics, this journal publishes technical papers relevant to civil engineering in port, estuarine, coastal and offshore environments.

jmapl card image
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers

Management, Procurement and Law

Publishes high quality papers focusing on all aspects of the management, procurement and legal issues of delivering our built environment internationally.

jmuen card image
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers

Municipal Engineer

Covers the effect of civil engineering on local communities such as technical issues, political interface and community participation, the sustainability agenda, cultural context, and the key dimensions of procurement, management and finance.

jnaen card image

Nanomaterials and Energy

Serves as a relevant and pioneering platform for emerging research in nanomaterials, biomaterials, nanoelectronics, photocatalytic materials, battery materials, optimal design and sustainability, recycling, and energy.

jphmg card image

International Journal of Physical Modelling in Geotechnics

The latest research and analysis in all areas of physical modelling at any scale, including modelling at single gravity and at multiple gravities on a centrifuge, shaking table and pressure chamber testing and geoenvironmental experiments.

jsmic card image
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers

Smart Infrastructure and Construction

Provides a learned forum for documenting changes caused by the global adoption of emerging digital technology in the design, construction and management of infrastructure assets.

jstbu card image
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers

Structures and Buildings

Publishes peer-reviewed papers on academic research, along with practical design and construction of civil engineering structures (buildings, bridges, dams, etc) against short-term and long-term static and dynamic (including seismic) loads.

jsuin card image

Surface Innovations

This journal provides novel research into improvements and applications of surfaces and surface coatings. Topics include superhydrophobicity, superhydrophlicity, self-cleaning, self-healing, anti-fouling, anti-bacterial, etc.

jtran card image
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers


This journal covers all aspects of planning, design, construction, maintenance and project management of transportation systems for the movement of goods and people.

jurdp card image
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers

Urban Design and Planning

Publishes international refereed papers addressing the design and planning of the built environment, with emphasis on the interfaces between urban theory, policy and practice.

jwama card image
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers

Water Management

Publishes high quality, authoritative and stimulating articles on the management of water in natural and engineered systems.

jwarm card image
Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers

Waste and Resource Management

Publishes original research and practice papers on all civil engineering and construction related aspects of the resource management cycle, from the minimization of waste, through the re-use and recycling, to the management and disposal of residual wastes.


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