Call for Papers: International Journal of Emergency Services

The International Journal of Emergency Services (IJES) is welcoming the submission of papers. 

IJES provides a platform for the development of scholarship in the management of all emergency services, including universal services such as Fire and Rescue, Police, and Ambulance services and more specialised services such as the Coastguard, Air-Sea or Mountain Rescue. The journal is interested in the functioning of the emergency services, in the planning, prevention and recovery stages of emergencies and disasters, and in responses and reactions to emergencies.

Encouraging contributions from across the social sciences, the Editorial team adopts a very broad view of what constitutes ‘management’, and we welcome articles examining the theory and practice of the strategic and operational management of emergency services and the related professional and policy aspects. Articles drawing comparisons between two or more jurisdictions and those offering theoretical cross-jurisdictional perspectives are particularly welcome. Papers published in IJES are double blind peer-reviewed.

The coverage of the journal includes, but is not limited to:

• Theoretical and methodological foundations of emergency response services

• Accountability and governance of emergency services
• Staff functioning and development within, and leadership of, emergency services

• Organizational and structural issues in the running of emergency services

• Measurement management and monitoring of the performance of emergency services

• Development and management of intelligence, risk assessment, and risk modelling, including the public perception of risk and the impact of the media on emergency planning and emergency services

• Preparation, planning and contingencies in responses to emergencies

• The interrelationship between emergency services and critical services in health, criminal justice and local service delivery

• The interrelationship between emergency services and social policy, such as community engagement, the impact of volunteerism and the building of social capital

• The effectiveness, efficiency or value of international responses to emergencies

• Community preparedness for and rehabilitation from major emergencies, long-term disaster or long lead time disasters such as drought.


Submission Guidelines

To submit your research, please visit the journal’s ScholarOne website:

In preparing papers, authors are asked to follow the journal’s Author Guidelines, which are available here.

If you have any questions about the submission process, please contact the journal’s Editors, Professor Paresh Wankhade ([email protected]) and Professor Attila Hertelendy ([email protected]), or the journal’s Publisher, Hazel Goodes ([email protected]).