Digital Sustainability


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The rationale underlying the Digital Sustainability special issue is to approach the set of global changes that interlink digital transition objectives and structural changes involving the social, economic, technological and environmental domains, linking "sustainability" and the scope of "digital", addressing the challenges of an integrated vision of academy, industry and government organizations, nowadays extended to emerging topics such as the United Nation’s sustainable development goals.

This SI aims at bringing in contributions from different institutions that make up the technological and scientific system, asserting the concertation of strategies at local, regional and global levels, and the interconnection between synergistic contributions within the domains of innovation and digital sustainability, and the living forces to mobilize towards the consolidation of global sustainability over the next few decades.

Originality in Digital Sustainability drives innovation, fosters collaboration, and catalyses positive change towards a more sustainable and resilient future, embracing creativity, ingenuity, and forward-thinking to harness the power of digital technologies to address pressing sustainability challenges and create a better world for current and future generations. Digital Sustainability encompasses several aspects: 

  • Innovative collaboration
  • Data-driven sustainability
  • Social inclusion
  • Circular economy models
  • Green technologies


Guest Editors

Rodrigo Cortopassi Goron Lobo, 
Montana State University Billings, USA, 
[email protected]

Jose Carlos Pereira de Morais, 
Instituto Superior Politécnico de Gaia - ISPGAYA, Portugal,  
[email protected]  

Fernando Almeida, 
Instituto Superior Politécnico de Gaia - ISPGAYA, Portugal,   
[email protected]   

José Duarte Santos,  
Instituto Superior de Contabilidade e Administração do Porto – ISCAP, Portugal,  
[email protected]  


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Key deadlines

Opening date for manuscript submissions: 1 March 2024
Closing date for manuscript submissions: 15 June 2024    
Email for submission queries: [email protected]