Entrepreneurial motivation in business processes



The Special issues aims to provide a comprehensive collection of papers including new insights for traditional paradigms, approaches and methods, as well as more recent developments in research methodology how human motivations that influence the entrepreneurial process.  The Special issue particularly investigates whether entrepreneurial role models, social valuation of entrepreneurship, perceived knowledge of entrepreneurial support and barriers to starting a business, entrepreneurial intention and its determinants are related to entrepreneurial motivation. In recent years, entrepreneurship research has focused largely on the environmental characteristics influencing firm foundings and the characteristics of entrepreneurial opportunities. Although this focus has greatly enhanced our understanding of the entrepreneurial phenomenon, it ignores the role of human agency. Entrepreneurship depends on the decisions that people make about how to undertake that process. We argue that the attributes of people making decisions about the entrepreneurial process influence the decisions that they make. Although previous researchers have rightly criticized much of the existing empirical research on the role of human motivation in entrepreneurship, we argue that inadequate empirical work does not negate the importance of understanding the role of human motivation in the entrepreneurial process. In fact, even sociologists who have argued strongly against the usefulness of trait-based research in entrepreneurship implicitly acknowledge that motivation must matter to this process. Entrepreneurial activity can be conceptualized as a function of opportunity structures and motivated entrepreneurs with access to resources.

List of topic areas

  • Entrepreneurial motivation,
  • entrepreneurial process,
  • entrepreneurial activities,
  • entrepreneurial opportunities,
  • decision making,
  • perceived knowledge,
  • human motivation

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