The Future of Organizations in the 21st century: Challenges and Opportunities


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This special issue aims to address the gap in organizational studies pertaining to contemporary phenomena that hinder individuals from realizing their full potential, both professionally and personally. The primary objective is to delve into and elucidate the influence of ongoing technology-driven social change, with a focus on how organizations navigate these transformative shifts.

The aim of the special issue is to demonstrate the profound impact that external environmental changes have on organizations, exerting pressure on decision-makers to adapt various aspects such as policies, corporate culture and work practices. These adjustments directly affect individual employees, shaping their experiences and outcomes within the organizational context. Additionally, special attention is given to the examination and analysis of changes brought about by information and communication technologies (ICT), particularly the prevalence of BYOD (bring your own devices) where personal digital tools and devices are incorporated alongside corporate technology in the workplace. What sets this special issue apart is its recognition of the distinctive challenges faced by organizations, thereby introducing a unique perspective into the exploration of the future of organizations. Notably, it highlights the evolving role of Human Resource Management (HRM) in shaping the very structures, policies and practices of organizations in response to technology-driven social change. This emphasis on the intersection between HRM and technology brings forth a fresh and innovative outlook to the ongoing discourse. Furthermore, the special issue underscores the multifaceted nature of organizational dynamics, prompting a comprehensive approach that incorporates diverse disciplines including organizational studies, HRM, trust-building, corporate culture, sustainable digital transformation and crisis management. By encouraging researchers to explore the interconnectedness and interdependencies among these areas, the scope of inquiry broadens, facilitating a holistic understanding of the complex organizational landscape. Crucially, this special issue intends to propose groundbreaking solutions that foster organizational success and resilience. 

Furthermore, the emphasis on practical outcomes and actionable strategies adds a pragmatic dimension to the exploration of the future of organizations. By addressing the practical implications of technology-driven social change and offering viable approaches to navigate these challenges, this special issue aims to contribute to the advancement and adaptation of organizations in an ever-evolving landscape.

List of Topic Areas

  • Employee retention and withdrawal, 
  • Employee well-being, 
  • Organizational change (transformation), 
  • Impact of technology-driven social change on employees, 
  • Work-life balance in the 21st century.

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