From Global to Local: Information and Disinformation in the Digital Age

Submissions open 10th December 2023


The management of information and misinformation is a crucial issue at the regional and local level, as it directly affects decision-making and the well-being of communities. Information is a valuable resource that enables citizens and authorities to make informed and responsible decisions, while misinformation can generate confusion, fear and mistrust in society. In this context, it is important that regional and local authorities promote access to truthful and reliable information, as well as transparency in public management. This implies the incorporation of policies and strategies that encourage the dissemination of clear and accurate information on issues relevant to the community, as well as accountability and citizen participation in decision making. Social media have allowed anyone to share information without any kind of filter or fact checking, which has led to the spread of fake news and conspiracy theories. In addition, the ability of these platforms to segment and personalize the information shown to each user may generate echo chambers or information bubbles in which pre-existing beliefs and opinions are reinforced, making it difficult to identify and correct misinformation. The objective of this special issue is to highlight the importance of fact-checking and the fight against disinformation from a regional and local perspective.

List of topic areas

  • Desinformation and fact-checking,
  • New technologies in the field of verification,
  • Blockchain and AI to fight desinformation,
  • Local and regional media,
  • Local and regional Governments and its policies to manage desinformation,
  • European democracies.

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