Investigating the Effects and Consequences of Artificial Intelligence on Education Quality

Submission deadline date: 1 May 2024


The issue seeks to bring together research, theories, and practical applications that can provide insight into the potential of AI to improve educational outcomes and warn of potential harmful consequences.

List of topic areas

  • Provide an overview of the use of AI in education, including its benefits and limitations.

  • Discuss the ethical and legal considerations of using AI in education, such as data privacy, academic integrity, and responsibilities of educational institutions.

  • Present conceptual papers and empirical studies that analyse and evaluate the effectiveness of AI tools in improving student learning and engagement.

  • Highlight innovative approaches that combine AI with other educational technologies, such as simulations, gaming, and personalized learning.

  • Analyse the role of teachers and educational administrators in implementing AI-powered tools and the implications for their professional and professional development.

  • Identify and explore in depth the potential negative impact of AI on student engagement and learning and on assessment quality.

  • Explore the impact of AI on the future of education.

  • Identify and explore in depth the impact of AI on the inclusion of learners with special needs.

Submissions Information

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Key deadlines

Opening date for manuscripts submissions: 1st December, 2023

Closing date for manuscripts submission: 1st May, 2024

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