New Quality Productive Forces Promote the Marine Sustainable Development


Marine Economics and Management (MAEM) is delighted to announce a special issue focusing on New Quality Productive Forces Promote the Marine Sustainable Development. The new quality productive forces are characterized by their high technology and efficiency, aligning closely with the principles of the new development paradigm. In the face of a complex environment characterized by multi-source risks and uncertainties, the transformation of marine production modes and development pathways through these new quality productive forces becomes an issue of paramount importance.

It is important to note that there remains a significant gap in foundational research regarding the development of high-quality marine advanced productivity through innovation. Specifically, there is a lack of systematic exploration on expediting the advancement of new quality productive forces and implementing comprehensive strategies in marine strategic emerging and future marine industries. Furthermore, there is a pressing need for in-depth research on leveraging disruptive scientific and technological innovations to promote sustainable utilization of marine resources and ecological conservation. Therefore, the main objective of this special issue is to delve into the role of emerging technologies, innovative models, and scientific methodologies in fostering marine sustainable development. Moreover, it seeks to illuminate the potential contributions of these new quality productive forces towards realizing marine sustainable development. By fostering an enabling environment for these innovative drivers of progress, we endeavor to enhance support for initiatives aimed at marine sustainability. This underscores the urgency and significance of conducting thorough research on this topic.

List of topic areas

Proposed topics include but are not limited to:

  • Innovative models driving the transformation of marine industry
  • Cutting-edge technologies contributing to marine ecological conservation
  • The role of artificial intelligence in fostering marine sustainable development
  • Emergence of new quality productive forces and optimization of marine resource allocation
  • Integration of new quality productive forces into marine strategic emerging industries
  • Dynamics and developmental pathways of marine new quality productive forces

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