Robot Welding – state of the art

Guest editor(s)
Dr Martin Karlsson,


This special issue is focused on robot welding, one of the most important applications in robotic manufacturing. Robotic welding started to become common in the 1980s, when spot welding became automated in the automotive industry. Since then, robotic welding has grown in extent and scope. Robotic arc welding has become established, and robotic friction-stir welding is emerging. This automation has contributed significantly productivity and economic growth.

Despite the successes, there are a lot of open research questions in robotic welding. These include how to increase productivity, enhance safety, expand to new applications, and increase product quality. The goal of this Special Issue is to highlight, and make progress on, these challenges. Novel research results as well as surveys will be considered for publication.


List of topic areas


  • Improved productivity in robotic welding
  • Design and modeling of robotic welding
  • Hardware, such as new welding tools, sensors, etc.
  • Enhanced safety
  • Automated quality assurance
  • Feedback control for tool positioning
  • Novel applications
  • State estimation
  • Automatic hardware calibration
  • Robotic welding outside of factories
  • Robotic welding in Industry 4.0
  • Machine learning and pattern recognition
  • Force control
  • Energy efficiency
  • Computer vision


Guest Editor

Dr Martin Karlsson,

Lund University,

[email protected]

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