Sustainable Entrepreneurship: a new approach in Latin America and the Caribbean



Venture development is subject to respond to the new post-pandemic normality and especially to the commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Entrepreneurs need to rethink proposals that respond to stakeholder requirements innovatively and inclusively, with a focus on triple bottom line impact and well-being, especially for emerging countries that have a lack of literature about this topic (Chatterjee et al, 2022; Koller et al, 2022).

The entrepreneur world is shifting into sustainable business models, and it is becoming a topic of interest for researchers. Entrepreneurship, from the sustainability perspective, can fill government and market gaps and provide products, services and practices with social and environmental values as the main business core (Pirson et al., 2019).

The focus on inclusive business models that seek to create value with impact, solve issues of disadvantaged groups, reduce gaps and inequality or contribute to specific situations in the framework of the SDGs will be valued for their effect on entrepreneurial ecosystems and their spill-over to their community (Bacq et al, 2022; Shepherd et al, 2020; Wurth et al 2022).
The COVID-19 crisis have forced starts up, entrepreneurships and businesses to reinvent themselves and adopt resilience strategies to adapt the challenges of the pandemic, which has supported the survival of companies and boosted sales and the social perception by offering a responsible brand image (Velásquez Alejos & Morgan Beltrán, 2022). Therefore, in time of crises, the role and importance of social entrepreneurships stands out as a catalyst of social change, improving the quality of life, based on social value creation and opportunity identification, thus the need for this new types of business models is increasing since the COVID-19 pandemic (Kamran et al., 2022).

To sum up, given the importance of sustainable entrepreneurship and the lack of information for Latin America and the Caribbean, this call for papers aims to find the contrasts and similarities on how businesses are developed, in order to understand the challenges and opportunities that entrepreneurships may face in a post pandemic period.


List of topic areas


  • Responsible Innovation in sustainable entrepreneurship model
  • Purpose-driven entrepreneurship strategies
  • New ecosystems and stakeholders management
  • Shared value strategies as drivers of sustainable entrepreneurship
  • Government framework and its influence in sustainable entrepreneurship
  • Challenges in capacity buildings related sustainable entrepreneurship
  • Green Finance and impact entrepreneurship
  • Sustainable investment and responsible corporate entrepreneurship


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Jose Ernesto Amarós,
EGADE Business School, México
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Alfredo Estrada-Merino,
Universidad de Lima, Perú
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Adriana Bonomo-Odizzio,
Universidad Católica del Uruguay, Uruguay
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Juan Carlos Sosa Varela,
Universidad Ana G. Mendez, Puerto Rico
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