Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Journal- Pride Month 2023

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal

Every June, we come together to celebrate Pride to recognize and commemorate the Stonewall riots and the struggle for inclusion for the LGBTQ+ community. However, the struggle for LGBTQ+ rights is far from over. Drag shows on public property have recently been outlawed in Tennessee, and Uganda has made homosexuality illegal and punishable by death. According to a recent Gallup poll, 62% of Americans feel trans athletes should be competing in teams of their birth assigned sex. Public policies and legislation targeting the LGBTQ+ community (e.g., “Don’t Say Gay” bill) have worsened the mental health among LGBTQ+ youths. As a scholarly community, we need to make visible and give voice to a persecuted community. I encourage you to write, conduct evidence-based research to create awareness, change policies, and advocate for LGBTQ+ peoples. These efforts could lead to improved lives, such as the repeal of Section 377a which criminalizes homosexual acts for men in Singapore. The below, free access papers are examples of important research published in the last year alone on this important topic. EDI is also proud to have recently published a highly relevant special issue, “Gender and Sexuality in Asia” (guested edited by Dr. Angeline Lim and Dr. Chan Loong Leong), which you can read here.

-Professor Eddy Ng, Editor-in-Chief of EDI

Professor Eddy Ng, Editor-in-Chief of EDI, stands by a sign for Queens University that says 'June is Pride Month'


Emerald has granted the below papers free access for the month of June, to ensure everyone has access to this important LGBTQ+ research.

Buddhism, gender, and sexualities: queer spiritualities in Thailand by Witchayanee Ocha

LGBTQ+ in workplace: a systematic review and reconsideration by Sucharita Maji, Nidhi Yadav and Pranjal Gupta

The use of self: the conscious or unconscious (sharing or) leaking of identity by LGBQ cisgender women youth workers in the North of England by Jean Hatton

Sexuality and gender within Afghanistan's bacha bereesh population by Elise E. Racine

When are trans women treated worse than trans men? by Joel Rudin, Tejinder Billing, Andrea Farro and Yang Yang

Stifled from the start: biased allocation of developmental opportunities and the underrepresentation of lesbian women and gay men in leadership by Jennica R. Webster and Gary A. Adams

Customer harassment against LGBTQ workers: highlighting its uniqueness as a group-based customer harassment by Koji Ueno, Lacey J. Ritter, Randi Ingram, Taylor M. Jackson, Emily Daina Šaras, Jason V. D'Amours and Jessi Grace

The effects of female sexually fluid workplace romance on their work and life by Quan Thuong Pham, Hung Quang Le, Khuong Ngoc Mai and Anh Trieu Phan

Lean on me when you’re not out: interactive effects of coworker support and concealment on transgender employees’ commitment and effort by Caren Goldberg and Val Willham