International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management - Literati Award Winners 2020

International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management

We are to pleased to announce our 2020 Literati Award winners.

Outstanding Paper
Emotions as core building blocks of an experience
Marcel Bastiaansen, Xander Dennis Lub, Ondrej Mitas, Timothy Hyungsoo Jung, Mário Passos Ascenção, Dai-In Han, Teemu Moilanen, Bert Smit, Wim Strijbosch

Highly Commended Papers
How to improve the stated helpfulness of hotel reviews? A multilevel approach
Sai Liang, Markus Schuckert, Rob Law

Poster child and guinea pig – insights from a structured literature review on Airbnb
David Dann, Timm Teubner, Christof Weinhardt 

Co-creation and co-destruction of service quality through customer-to-customer interactions: Why prior experience matters
Jiaqi (Gemma) Luo, IpKin Anthony Wong, Brian King, Matthew Tingchi Liu, GuoQiong Huang

Outstanding Reviewers
Osman M. Karatepe
Giampaolo Viglia
Cristian Morosan
Babak Taheri
Annie Ko