Logistics and Supply Chain Management for Pandemic Response

Journal of Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management

To facilitate research on logistics and supply chain management during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Journal of Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management has selected highly relevant articles that tackle various aspects of epidemic/pandemic response. Thus, a virtual issue on “Logistics and Supply Chain Management for Pandemic Response” is free to access here until April 30th.


This free virtual issue facilitates learning from medical logistics, and especially specific questions pertaining to various epidemics and pandemics. It includes answers to very technical problems of medical logistics such as cold chain considerations for humanitarian vaccine deliveries, to the use of blockchain in COVID-19 supply chains. Moreover, true to the core of the journal, articles in this issue look at humanitarian medical logistics and the overlap of various disasters with epidemics.


Cold chains, interrupted: The use of technology and information for decisions that keep humanitarian vaccines cool by Tina Comes, Kristin Bergtora Sandvik and Bartel Van de Walle

Humanitarian medical supply chain in disaster response by Irina Dolinskaya, Maria Besiou and Sara Guerrero-Garcia

Defining logistics preparedness: a framework and research agenda by Marianne Jahre, Ala Pazirandeh and Luk Van Wassenhove

Analyzing the response to epidemics: concept of evidence-based Haddon matrix by Azrah Anparasan and Miguel Lejeune 

Delivering in a moving world…looking to our supply chains to meet the increasing scale, cost and complexity of humanitarian needs by Rebecca Lewin, Maria Besiou, Jean-Baptiste Lamarche, Stephen Cahill and Sara Guerrero-Garcia

Decision support in a fieldable laboratory management during an epidemic outbreak of disease by Olga Vybornova and Jean-Luc Gala

Healthcare commodities for emergencies in Africa: review of logistics models, suggested model and research agenda by Seye Babatunde, Richard Oloruntoba and Kingsley Agho 

Supply chain risks in humanitarian relief operations: a case of Cyclone Idai relief efforts in Zimbabwe by Felix Chari, Bethuel Sibongiseni Ngcamu and Cawe Novukela 

Game theory applications in humanitarian operations: a review by Luke Muggy , Jessica L. Heier Stamm 

Improvement of public distribution system efficiency applying blockchain technology during pandemic outbreak (COVID-19) by Anup Kumar