Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Journal of Organisational Effectiveness: People and Performance

Journal of Organizational Effectiveness: People and Performance

Journal of Organisational Effectiveness: People and Performance (JOEPP) is 10 years old. To celebrate this milestone, the journal’s founders, Professor Paul Sparrow and Sir Professor Carey Cooper have contributed a reflective editorial on what motivated them to found JOEPP and provide invaluable insight into the future nexus of Human Resource Management (HRM) and organisational effectiveness.  They urge us - as scholars and practitioners - to embrace risk and uncertainty and to utilise HRM to distribute risk and uncertainty more equitably to ensure a fairer and more sustainable future for all.  

Whilst the Covid pandemic has transformed working practices for many, at all levels (micro & macro) and to some extent globally, the most significant sources of uncertainty and associated risks and opportunities – are routed in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Workforce Analytics (WA).   Artificial Intelligence and WA will fundamentally impact the complex relationships between HRM and organisational effectiveness. In particular, with regards to new ways of working, AI and WA will impact employee engagement (EE), which is a critical mediator in the HRM-organisational performance relationship.  

We are very proud of the track record JOEPP has established over the past decade to publish world class, state of the art, articles on HRM and organisational effectiveness. In reviewing the most cited and downloaded articles over the past ten years, a clear theme emerged: employee engagement. The articles published in JOEPP demonstrate the critical role of employees in the HRM-organisational effectiveness relationship and how HRM practices that promote justice, equity and sustainability, positively influence organisational effectiveness.  Another important contribution of JOEPP over the past 10 years is our commitment to building author, reviewer, Associate Editor and Editorial Board capacity from emerging and developing countries, especially amongst women. We believe this capacity building will yield significant dividends over the next ten years and contribute to the upward trajectory of scholars and practitioners in emerging and developing economies in the next decade. 

As a tribute to the legacy established by JOEPP’s founders, we are proud to offer the following compilation of ten seminal papers, selected by our Associate Editors (AEs) and Editorial Board, all of which are now available as free access until 15th December:

Editorial: The risk equation: thinking more creatively about organisational effectiveness 
By Sir Cary Cooper and Paul Sparrow

Workplace incivility and knowledge hiding behavior: does personality matter?
By Ida RosnitaI Ismail and Rasidah Arshad

Human resource management practices and organizational effectiveness: internal fit matters
By Nina Gupta and John Delery

When employer brand image aids employee satisfaction and engagement
By Susan Whelan, Melisa Mete and Gary Davies

Employee engagement, human resource management practices and competitive advantage: an integrated approach
By Jamie A Gruman, Simon Albrecht, William H Macey, Alan M. Saks, Arnold B. Bakker

Antecedents and consequences of employee engagement revisited
By Alan M Saks

Human resource management and organizational effectiveness: Yesterday and today
Randall Schuler, Susan E Jackson

The rise (and fall?) of HR analytics: a study into the future application, value, structure, and system support
By Sjoerd van den Heuvel and Tanya Bondarouk

Employee engagement: A sceptical analysis
By David Guest

Changes in workplace practices during the COVID-19 pandemic: The roles of emotion, psychological safety and organisation support
By Helena Lee

Collective leadership for cultures of high quality health care
By Joanne Lyubovnikova, Regina Eckert, Jean-Louis Denis and Michael A West

These papers are diverse in their focus, authorship and date of publication. As such, we not only hope to showcase the broad scope of JOEPP, but also support its evolution over the past decade. Moving forward, we are particularly interested in publishing articles and hosting guest edited Special Issues (SIs) related to Artificial Intelligence, Workforce Analytics, Organisational diversity and justice and links to EE and organisational effectiveness. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in contributing to JOEPP.

Professor Maura Sheehan
Editor in Chief JOEPP
[email protected]