40th Anniversary Property Management

Property Management

Property Management is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. Volume One, Issue One was published as a hard copy journal back in 1983. Early editions of the journal had a focus very much on property research emanating from the UK; however, over the years this has dramatically changed. The journal has maintained its broad scope encompassing the range of topics which relate to the practice of managing real property assets in an efficient and effective way to maximise utility and return on investment. Now, it has a truly international readership and publishes research from all corners of the globe.

Publication of the journal has changed dramatically over the years. No longer do we mail large quantities of paper around to reviewers, nor do we print large numbers of physical journals. Our online systems and the adoption of online submission in 2011 has made the whole process much more streamlined, with papers published in Early Cite shortly after acceptance. Online publication now means research is much more widely available and can be searched and cited so much more easily.

My time with the journal commenced in 2002 when I joined the Editorial Advisory Board under the very capable editorship of Prof Frances Plimmer. In 2010 I was thrilled to be invited to take over the role of Editor-in-Chief and continue the growth of the journal. Throughout the 40 years of publication, we have received invaluable support from a great many reviewers who freely give considerable amounts of their time to ensure that only the best research is published. Without this support our journal would not be able to maintain its high standard. So, I say a sincere thank you to all the reviewers I have cajoled and harassed over the years to return their reviews on time. Your assistance is very much appreciated.

Property Management is now a widely respected international journal with papers published from all regions of the world. We are able to post one of the most experienced Editorial Boards, with industry professionals and senior academics from leading universities across the globe. I hope you enjoy this anniversary edition and look forward with confidence that Property Management will continue to disseminate research for many years to come.

Finally, I would like to thank the most important people in making Property Management such a successful publication, you the readers who make the whole research publication process worthwhile. Without your continued support there would be no journal. Thank you.

Dr Clive M. J. Warren


The articles in this 40th anniversary issue are freely available to read from 21st July-21st August:

Crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED): A review and modern bibliography

by Paul Michael Cozens, Greg Saville & David Hillier

Assessing sustainability in the existing commercial property stock: Establishing sustainability criteria relevant for the commercial property investment sector

by Louise Ellison & Sarah Sayce

Workplace impact of social networking

by James Bennett, Mark Owers, Michael Pitt & Matthew Tucker

Recognizing and realizing the value of customer-focused property management

by Danielle Claire Sanderson & Dustin C. Read

Disruptive potential of real estate crowdfunding in the real estate project finance industry: A literature review

by Nicolle Montgomery, Graham Squires & Iqbal Syed

Use of blended learning to enhance the student learning experience and engagement in property education

by Joanna Poon

Differences between business center concepts in The Netherlands

by Minou Weijs-Perrée, Rianne Appel-Meulenbroek, Bauke De Vries & Georges Romme

Deconstructing the glass ceiling: Gender equality in the Australian property profession

by Clive M. J. Warren & Hera Antoniades