Qualitative Market Research - Literati Award Winners 2020

Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal

We are pleased to announce our 2020 Literati Award winners.

Outstanding Papers
A process view of the role of integrated marketing communications during brand crises
Kelly Hewett, Laura L. Lemon

Highly Commended Papers
Tackling social media data analysis: Comparing and contrasting QSR NVivo and Leximancer
Violetta Wilk, Geoffrey N. Soutar, Paul Harrigan

Unlocking value through an extended social media analytics framework: Insights for new product adoption
Gavin Jiayun Wu, Zhenning “Jimmy” Xu, Saeed Tajdini, Jie Zhang, Lei Song

Ritualized retail events and brand-centric employee culture
Xi Liu, Bu Mi, Fei Li, Deqiang Zou

Outstanding Reviewer
William Northington