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An Invitation to Join the Review Board of Society and Business Review

Society and Business Review

The Journal
Society and Business Review (SBR) aims to cultivate and share knowledge and ideas in order to assist businesses and organizations to enhance their commitment to society and the planet. Drawing on a wide range of theoretical and methodological approaches to stimulate substantive debates, SBR produces a rich stream of conceptual and applied research focused on practical developments in the field of business and society. The journal particularly encourages attention to the impact of changing business/corporate social concerns and practices on people, the sustainability of different economic activities, the impact of corporations and business education on society, and how societal issues come to shape business activities.

SBR is an internationally recognized and ranked academic journal that advances our thinking on business and society issues and contributes to thought leadership and excellent practice in this area. It is a double-blind peer reviewed journal and publishes original and high-quality papers covering a wide range of related topics, including CSR, ethics, sustainability, sustainable development, global business and social issues, and more. SBR publishes empirical, conceptual, theoretical and review papers, as well as case studies.

SBR invites applications from eligible scholars and researchers to join the Editorial Review Board. The application deadline is 30th June 2020.

Qualification: The applicant holds a doctoral degree, or at least a university lecturer position, AND has published at least five academic papers in peer-reviewed journals.

Area of expertise: The applicant has good knowledge and research experience in subject areas related to the journal’s scope.

Command of English language: The applicant has a strong command of the English language with verbal and written fluency.


  • Reviewers may be requested to review manuscripts up to four times a year.
  • Reviewers need to return their reviews within 20 days.
  • Reviewers need to provide complete and detailed comments on submitted papers.
  • Reviewers must not distribute any manuscripts reviewed or disclose information from the reviewed manuscripts.
  • Reviewers will be removed from the Editorial Review Board after two refusals to review, two failures to review, or three late reviews. If any unforeseen circumstances occur which prevent reviewers from reviewing manuscripts or reviewing manuscripts timely, the reviewers should consult with the assigned Associate Editor as early as possible to avoid any possible removal.
  • Reviewers should serve a three-year term and may be re-appointed for another term. Reviewers may resign at any time before the three-year term is completed.


  • After reviewing two papers, a reviewer will receive a Certificate of Editorial Review Board Membership for acknowledging his/her contributions to the journal.
  • After reviewing four papers in a year with high quality reviews, a reviewer will receive a Certificate of Excellent Reviewer.  
  • Reviewers will receive a three-month access to all Emerald journal content with free download of up to 40 articles per review.
  • Reviewers who provide excellent reviews consistently for two years will be considered for invitation to the Editorial Board.
  • If appointed as a reviewer, the reviewer’s name will appear at the journal website in the Editorial Review Board.

Application Form
If you would like to join the journal’s Editorial Review Board, please provide the following information:

First name
Last name
Areas of research interest

Please submit your applicant information and CV to the Editor ([email protected]).