Scientific and Technological Contributions to Social Responsibility

Technological Sustainability

The two Special Issues that appeared in the Social Responsibility Journal (SRJ), titled Scientific and Technological Contributions to Sustainability, created a large amount of interest which has led to the launch of Technological Sustainability (TECHS) as a sister journal to SRJ. This free virtual issue offers a selection of some of the papers which were published in these two special issues. They have been selected to show the wide range of subjects which fall within the ambit of TECHS. 

Editor-in-Chief Dr. Shahla Seifi

Corporate social irresponsibility towards the planet: a study of heavy metals contamination in groundwater due to industrial wastewater by Azam Malik, Izhar Alam, Mohammad Rishad Faridi and Sohail Ayub

Biodiversity accounting: uncover environmental destruction in Indonesia by Syarifuddin Syarifuddin and Ratna Ayu Damayanti

Municipal solid waste generation, composition, and management: the global scenario by Kapil Dev Sharma and Siddharth Jain

Biomimetic economy: human ecological-economic systems emulating natural ecological systems by Unai Tamayo and Gustavo Vargas

Corporate social irresponsibility: humans vs artificial intelligence by Kristijan Krka─Ź

Demographics of sustainable technology consumption in an emerging market: the significance of education to energy efficient appliance adoption by Ninh Nguyen, Steven Greenland, Antonio Lobo and Hoang Viet Nguye