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Emerald Group awarded Flexible Working Industry Award 2022

27th September 2022

Emerald Group has been awarded 2nd place in the media category for the Flexible Working Industry Awards 2022.

The awards were launched by Flexa to celebrate companies that offer truly flexible working environments, helping to give them the recognition they deserve. Flexa is a global company that benchmarks organisations' flexibility against its competitors and accredits companies based on their approach to flexible working.

For the Industry awards, companies have been ranked based on an average of their FlexScore™ and pulled into categories to make it easy to recognise the most flexible companies in each industry. A company FlexScore™ is calculated by benchmarking millions of data points and combining them into a flexible working index that measures how flexible companies are against the market.

Emerald recently achieved an impressive company FlexScore™ of 94% and Employee FlexScore™ of 87%, ranking them 2nd place in the media category. Emerald believes its employees perform best when they feel trusted to work where and when they want. Its fully flexible hybrid working policy has been in place since 2021 and continues to support Emerald employees to develop both personally and professionally.

As an organisation, we’ve always strived to create a healthy work-life balance for all our employees. It's an honour to receive this award and be recognised for our commitment to flexible working. We hope to continue to create a culture where our employees feel supported to work where and when they want.

Vicky Williams, CEO, Emerald Group



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