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Quality education for all
Challenges involved in early years teaching provision in the UK
Early years educators are vital professionals for quality education and care for all children, yet they are the worst-paid workforce due to under funding.
Quality education for all
Interview: Transnational collaboration for quality education: Sino-UK partnerships
Huili Si (Stella) is a doctoral researcher at The Manchester Institute of Education. Stella’s research directly addresses the themes of the collaborative project between Emerald Publishing and the BELMAS ICE RIG: developing transnational collaborations to promote knowledge exchange between higher-education leaders and systems. In this post, Stephen Rayner interviews Stella about her research.
Healthier lives
The health and wellbeing benefits of practicing self-compassion
Self-compassion it not a new concept; it has been embedded in Buddhist philosophy and meditation and practiced for over 2500 years. However, during the last two decades there has been pioneering work undertaken that demonstrates having the ability to give yourself self-compassion can reduce levels of anxiety, stress and depression. Find out more in this blog.
Healthier lives
Health and wellbeing amongst people experiencing multiple disadvantage – reflections from the Fulfilling Lives programme
When we think about ‘healthier lives’, several things come to mind: physical activity, good mental health, a nutritious diet, getting plenty of sleep. Find out more in this blog.
Quality education for all
Convergence in the English and French education systems: Vive la difference!
Peter Wolstencroft, Elizabeth Whitfield, Track Dinning discuss the French education system and how it is based around a number of key principles.
Responsible management
Trust in leader-follower relationships
Find out everything you need to know about the subject of trust, what the current research covers, and the areas we'd love to see more research from in the future, in this introduction from our goal advisor Dr. Richard Oloruntoba.
Mixed group of young people collaborating
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