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Emerging Markets Case Studies is a digital collection of peer-reviewed teaching case studies focusing on business decision making and management in global markets.

Written by professionals working in or closely with global markets, Emerging Markets Case Studies can be used in the classroom to help develop skills in decision making, collaboration and problem solving.

Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies provides well-researched, instructive, and multimedia online cases about the most interesting organizations in complex emerging market contexts to faculty developing effective managers globally.

Well Researched

We welcome cases developed from multiple sources, employing rigorous research methodology, including primary data sourced and signed-off by the organization involved. Quality cases developed from secondary sources are not excluded, but should make a significant contribution beyond the initial secondary sources.


We welcome cases and especially teaching notes that apply comprehensive and recent theoretical perspectives and empirical findings. Teaching notes should detail appropriate learning activities and be finalized after at least one teaching of the case. Teaching objectives and course topics should cover one or more of the main Business and Management subject areas.


We welcome submissions that combine a well-written case study with supporting video material integrated into the teaching note, such as YouTube interviews or background clips that contribute to student learning.


We welcome case studies of industry-leading companies demonstrating new management practices, or important management theory. These companies could include emerging market champions that dominate the local competitive landscape or multinationals that are charting an internationalization strategy from an emerging market home country.

Emerging Market Context

We welcome submissions based on companies from the approximately 30 countries regularly highlighted in the various BRICs, Next 11, CIVETS, 10 Big, Eagles, G3s, and Dynamic Markets Index rankings

Free cases

Sainsbury's in Egypt

Faced with increased competition at home, Sainsbury's decided to expand its international operations by entering Egypt. Unfortunately for the company, its dream of capturing the Egyptian food market faded as quickly as it was started...

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Dove Hair Oil: Marketing in India

Dove, a brand of HUL, primarily catering to the premium segment of the market, launched Dove Elixir Hair Oil in November 2012 priced at INR185 (US$3.41) for 90 ml. This was five times higher than any other light hair oil in the market.

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