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Digital formatting

“Preservation is an ongoing human concern that is essential for complex systems of social organization, but its systematic study and development as a field of professional practice is a recent development.” (Lischer-Katz, Z. 2022)

Free content

Lischer-Katz, Z. (2022), "The emergence of digital reformatting in the history of preservation knowledge: 1823–2015", Journal of Documentation, Vol. 78 No. 6, pp. 1249-1277.

Lischer-Katz, Z. (2020), "Archiving experience: an exploration of the challenges of preserving virtual reality", Records Management Journal, Vol. 30 No. 2, pp. 253-274.

 Questions to consider

  • What are the benefits of digital reformatting of historical documents?

  • What are the challenges that archival practices face today?

Please share your thoughts. The article is free to access until 1st June 2023.

Previous topics

(Please note that this content is no longer freely available)

University libraries face many challenges in our contemporary digital era. This study published in the Digital Library Perspectives journal examines the performance of e-services quality in a state university library, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of digitalising library data and collections.

Assessment of e-service quality performance of university libraries

A recent study conducted by Joo and Schmidt, and published in the Digital Library Perspectives journal, explores the way how research data services are perceived by academic librarians.

Research data services from the perspective of academic librarians

A recent study conducted by Joo and Schmidt, and published in the Digital Library Perspectives journal, explores the way how research data services are perceived by academic librarians.

Research data services from the perspective of academic librarians

“How can libraries move beyond the artisanal, curation-based approaches to promoting diverse media to encourage a wider readership of both diverse and mainstream audiences?” (Clarke and Schoonmaker, 2019).

Toward a metadata model for research information management systems

Metadata for diversity: Identification and implications of potential access points for diverse library resources

Two recent studies published in the Library Management journal explore the reality of transforming a library into a learning organisation and how the role of the middle manager (the toughest job in the library) can help with that.

Transforming a university library into a learning organisation

Toughest job in the library

The COVID-19 pandemic, amongst many things, has also symbolised the increase in technology consumption and social media usage. Explore the research about social media consumption focusing on two perspectives: what platforms libraries and librarians use and also what popular platforms are used by students/young people.

COVID-19 and library social media use

Getting acquainted with social networks and apps: it is time to talk about TikTok

"Librarians need to be much more than providers of factual content. We need to help our requestors make critical choices regarding which news to consume. We need to ensure that they understand how to determine what is real and what is fake, and that process begins with our own training and continuing education regarding information veracity and quality and data sourcing and transparency." (Affelt, 2019)

The role of libraries in the fake news era: a survey of information scientists and library science students in Greece

Getting out the truth: the role of libraries in the fight against fake news

Fake News in the Field

How do librarians see climate change as intersecting with their work? A 2021 study published in Records Management Journal examines the feedback from information professionals and the challenges they face as the result of insufficient resources.

Come hell or high water: climate action by archives, records and cultural heritage professionals in the United Kingdom

Librarians are trusted to help people to search for answers in reputable sources of information. How are they affected by the inaccurate and unverified information disseminated online?

Scientific literacy, librarians and information literacy in the post-truth era

Mentoring programmes in libraries exist to facilitate professional development of new librarians. Delivered by experienced staff to individuals or groups, mentorship is shaped by the needs of a specific library.

Mentorship in librarianship: meeting the needs, addressing the challenges

Libraries are used to adapting and updating services in response to the changing needs and behaviours of its users. But COVID-19 forced most areas of the university to adjust everyday interactions and processes.

Lessons learned: a meta-synthesis examining library spaces, services and resources during COVID-19

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29 Nov 2022
Thanks, Nicole for your insight. Having all the staff get to be part of the learning library would be certainly beneficial. How do you think libraries could achieve that?
Sheik Maideen
29 Nov 2022
Implementation of Green Library: Opportunities and Challenges
24 Nov 2022
It’s nice there are no- and low-cost options these days for PD opportunities. Technical services staff (unlike librarians) in our library don’t have their own PD funds so applying to a central pot is a good idea, though it’s quite limited. Love the idea of sharing what was leaned - we would have to require that of all staff, not just technical services but it would be so useful for all of us.