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Topical coverage

  • Academic Librarianship
  • Archives and records
  • Censorship, discrimination and bias
  • Classification and Indexing
  • Collection and curation
  • Data analytics
  • Dissemination
  • Educational technologies
  • Health information and data
  • Information and data visualisation
  • Information architecture
  • Information in education and society
  • Information in teaching and learning
  • Information needs, seeking and use
  • Information resources in distance learning
  • Information society
  • Informetrics
  • Intellectual freedom
  • Knowledge organisation
  • Metadata and taxonomies
  • Museums and galleries
  • Online communities, social networking and social media information
  • Online data use
  • Preservation and conservation of information objects
  • Reference work
  • Using learning analytics to assess the value and impact of information resources

Content highlights



The presumed influence of digital misinformation: examining US public’s support for governmental restrictions versus corrective action in the COVID-19 pandemic​

Online Information Review​

​Analyses restrictive versus corrective actions in response to the perceived third-person effects of misinformation on social media in the USA.


Digital divide in the major regions of the world and the possibility of convergence​

​The Bottom Line ​

​Investigates the nature of the inequalities in the usage of the internet and inequalities in the growth rate in the usage of the internet.


User motivation in fake news sharing during the COVID-19 pandemic: an application of the uses and gratification theory​

​Online Information Review​

​Develops a predictive model establishing the user motivational factors that predict COVID-19 fake news sharing on social media.


Towards understanding the gender digital divide: a systematic literature review​

​Global Knowledge, Memory and Communication​
​Addresses the gender digital divide through the adoption of information and communication technologies.



Situating race: the case for examining Black children’s informal mathematics learning outside of schools​

​Information and Learning Sciences​

Highlights the ways racialization in K-12 mathematics classrooms has narrowed the understanding of mathematical learning for Black children.


Retrospective and prospective approaches of coronavirus publications in the last half-century: a Latent Dirichlet allocation analysis​

​Library Hi Tech​

​Topic modelling of the global coronavirus publications in the last 50 years.


Anti-Racist Action in Libraries

​Reference Services Review​

Teaching and Learning about Misinformation and Disinformation: Evidence-based Practices and Approaches

​Information and Learning Sciences


Prof. Dr. Claude Draude, based at the University of Kassel, Germany (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) recently published a paper in Online Information Review that suggests 'in order to tackle the question of bias in algorithms, a systemic, sociotechnical and holistic perspective is needed'.

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